Shiv Shakti (Colors) 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv drinks halahal to save the universe

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 4th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Sati telling Narad that she has to know Shiv’s truth. Narayan, Brahma dev and all the Devs ask Shiv to protect them from the halahal. Brahmadev says I had created the universe on your saying, but didn’t create this poison, then how it came out. The people feels short of breath and suffocated due to the poison. Narayan asks Shiv to do something. Daksh comes there and tells that Shiv will make this universe turn into ashes, and then he will do happy tandav on everyone’s death. Brahma dev scolds Daksh for accusing Mahadev. Rishi Durvasa asks why will he be happy, who wanted to create this universe. Narayan asks Daksh to be in limits. Daksh asks Narayan if he has power to save the universe, like he has beaten my curse, Deeti’s dead sons as alive. He asks if he can give life to all the universe after they are dead. Shiv walks towards the ocean. Sati comes there. Prasuti asks her to stop. The soldiers stop Sati. Sati looks at them. Shiv looks at Sati and smiles. She is about to run to go to Shiv, but Prasuti stops her and asks her to move the blind faint from her eyes and see the truth. She says Shiv doesn’t have answers for your father’s questions and that’s why he is going far, and asks her to accept the truth. Shiv walks towards the halahal. Prasuti says Shiv kept everyone in illusion and went. Sati tells that her doubts are getting cleared. The Devas think what Shiv is doing?

Daksh tells that he is happy to see this happening. He asks Brahma dev and Narayan to find the solution. He asks him to see why Shiv is going near halahal. Brahma Dev and Narayan try to stop Shiv, but the latter tells that he will drink it, and asks Narayan to give his shank. Narayan refuss. Shiv says when the world has called me Mahadev, then I have to fulfill their hopes. Brahma dev says if this poison harms you. Shiv reminds them that he had told that whenever he is needed, he will come. Narayan reminds him giving swear to Vasuki that he won’t be here until Manthan completes. Shiv says that promise is bound to break as it is coming in my way. He says this responsibility is mine and says he don’t want innocent people to become dead bodies. He asks Narayan to give his shank. Nandi and the Shiv ganns cry, fall down on his feet and asks him not to do this. Nandi asks him to give the shank and says I will drink this halahal. Shiv says no Nandi, this war is not yours. Nandi says I am your shield, just like you have come between Kaal and me. Shiv says your service was superior, but today I have to do this. He asks Nandi and other Shiv ganns from coming to him in any circumstances. Narayan says you have done tap (tapasya) for the world, and now you are doing sacrifice and asks what is the reason. Shiv says love and says everyone loves the person who sacrifices and he gets the responsibility, and tells that he is not doing this to become great, but it is his responsibility so he is doing this. He takes the shank and goes to the halahal.

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Nandi asks Narayan to stop Shiv. Narayan says Shiv will not stop. Daksh says this is halahal, which has no solution. He says everyone will witness this destruction and will accuse Shiv for it. Narad says don’t know what is more poisonous Halahal or your thoughts. Shiv becomes giant as he wants near Halahal. Daksh says this is happening due to Shiv, so he shall tell the solution. Shiv comes to halahal and tells that he agrees to drink it to save this universe. He forwards his hand to fill halahal in the shank. Sati cries. Shiv opens his mouth to drink it. Brahma dev asks him to stop. Shiv starts drinking the halahal and he gets tears from his eyes. Sati cries. Shiv continues to drink the halahal. All the halahal go away from the universe and come to his shank. Shiv continues to drink it. The villages get normalizes. Everyone cries. Sati tells that he is not Dev, but the destiny changer Dev, where Narayan and Brahmadev got successful, he is the Dev who stood infront of death. Narayan says he takes everyone’s troubles. Sati says he is Mahadev and says har har mahadev. Everyone says har har Mahadev. Everyone sees the universe normalizing. Narayan’s back which has turned blue due to halahal becomes fine too. The bird gets fine. The people get fine too and says har har mahadev.

Shiv gets sweating and tears in his eyes. He drinks the last drop and is about to fall, the fire balls hit in the jungle. Narayan says Mahadev has protected this universe, but who will save him. He says if this halahal spreads in his heart then it will be destruction, as Maa Adi Shakti stays in his heart. Sati runs to go to him. Daksh gets angry. The soldiers stop her. Sati lifts the soldier’s weapon to scare them. Shiv sees her as Adi Shakti. Daksh tries to stop her. Narad says not now, she is Adi Shakti now. Shiv forwards his hand and sits down. Sati runs to Shiv and holds him from falling down. Shiv smiles seeing his Shakti. She keeps her hand on his neck so that the poison don’t spread in his body.

Shiv’s message: Shiv tells that it is the rule of this world, until you try to get your rights, you will not get. He tells that if a mother doesn’t fight for her rights, then what she will teach her children. He asks the mothers to fight for their rights.

Precap: Shiv’s body temperature increases. Sati pours milk on the Shivling to normalize his fever. Later she tells that she loves Shiv and wants to go to him. Daksh gets upset.