Shiv Shakti (Colors) 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Swaroopa faces Rishi Angiras’ wrath


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 2nd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Mahadev asking Parvati to open her eyes. Parvati gets up and asks where is our Ansh? He asks her to hear their baby’s heart beat sound. Parvati asks really and gets emotional hearing the heart beat. Mahadev says if the baby gets one mother, then it is good luck and says your baby will get love of two mothers, then it will be more good. He says our baby will be raised in your heart and in Rishi Angiras wife’s Devi swaroopa’s womb. Swaroopa says it is Mahadev’s leela…and thinks her husband will be happy to know this. Parvati asks when I can meet her, who gave place to my baby in her womb and asks when I can meet my baby and hear Maa from him. Mahadev says being a father, he can understand her pain. He says they are Mahadev and Parvati and their aim is the betterment of this universe. He says all your wishes will be fulfilled when the right time comes.

Narayan, Brahmadev, Chandra Dev, Narad and Nandi see Mahadev and Parvati coming out of cave. Mahadev tells them that the universe betterment is set, and tells that their baby is safe in someone’s womb. Devi Swaroopa comes to Rishi angiras and tells that she is pregnant. He says Om Namashivay. Narayan and others get happy. Taraka sur tells that he will take revenge from Mahadev and will kill Narayan first. Shukracharya asks him not talk foolishly, and tells that revenge is not taken by strength, but by intelligence, and says Narayan has the power to take anyone’s life with his Sudarshan Chakra. Taraka sur tells that he will destroy Sudarshan Chakra also. Just then Dasi comes there and tells that Swaroopa is in labour. Mahadev tells that the place will be known as bailgaon as Nandi waited for them. He says whoever comes here and do puja of Nandi, Vasuki and Chandra dev, their wishes will be fulfilled. They all says har har mahadev. Nandi tells that you have joined our names in your Amarnath journey and made us feel blessed. Chandra Dev thanks him. Mahadev asks Vasuki to come. Vasuki comes on his neck. Chandra Dev comes leaves his moon form on Mahadev’s head.

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Rishi Angiras thanks Swaroopa. Swaroopa says this is not your Ansh, it is neither yours nor mine. Rishi Angiras says if anyone would be on your place, then would have hidden it. He says you are opening your sin pot infront of me and asks him to leave from the Ashram else he will burn her. She asks him to hear her before punishing her. Narayan comes there and asks him to stop. Rishi Angiras greets him. Narayan asks Rishi Angiras to let Swaroopa say, whose baby is this? Rishi Angiras tells that the question will be raised on my manhood, how she can bear someone else baby. Narayan tries to clarify. Swaroopa asks him not to clarify and tells that a dutiful wife is questioned and tells that if she bends down today then will fall in her sight. She refuses to tell them anything. Rishi Angiras and his Rishi ask her to leave from the Ashram. Swaroopa says you can turn your face from your dharm, but I will not. She starts leaving. Other Rishis’ wives tells that even they will not stay here. The Rishi says you all haven’t done any mistake. One of the Rishi’s wife tells that they have accused a woman’s character without knowing the truth. Swaroopa thinks Mahadev and Parvati’s baby will get seven women’s love.

Shiv’s Message: Mahadev tells that they shall not have any hard feelings for anyone and shall remove such feelings from their hearts.

Episode ends.