Shiv Shakti (Colors) 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shambuki Insults Parvati


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 28th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Shambuki refusing to take Parvati’s blessings. She says she can’t take blessings from a woman who can’t bear a child. She asks women present there if they would like to take blessings from such woman. Dhiti says it’s abshagun to take blessings from such an incomplete woman. All women say back Shambuki. Gods stand shocked seeing Shambuki’s evil nature and discuss that Shambuki doesn’t know that is insulting devi Adi Shakti. Shiv gets angry and asks Dhiti if she invited them to insult them.

Shiv then tongue lashes Tarakasur for not stopping his wife from insulting Parvati. He says if Tarakasur has forgotten his duty, he remembers it though and it’s his duty to protect his wife’s dignity. Tarakasur asks if he can anull Rathi’s curse and make Parvati become a mother. Shiv gets angry and says he can do anything for his wife and can’t tolerate his wife’s insult. He angrily hits his trishul to the ground. Earth shakes. All asurs get afraid. Shiv then raises his trishul to punish them. They all tremble in fear and fold their hands. Parvati stops him and says it’s asur nature to humiliate others, he shouldn’t lose his calm for that. She says she knew that Dhiti called them here to insult them; she wants to tell them that a woman is always complete, be it a daughter, a sister, a mother, or a wife; a child cannot determine her completeness, etc. She takes Shiv from there.

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Shiv and Parvati return to Kailash. After some time, Shiv notices Parvati lost in thoughts while preparing food. He recalls asurs insulting Parvati and tells Nandi that he couldn’t see Parvati being insulted and hence need to find a solution for the problem. Asurs laugh for insulting Parvati. Shambuki says now Parvati will be in deep distress and will will destroy herself in sadness. Shiv tells Parvati that they need to visit Amarnath to find a solution for their problem and takes her there. Dhiti get tensed after learning that Shiv and Parvati are missing from Kailash and tells Tarakasur that they must have gone to find a way to kill him.

Precap: Shiv takes Parvati to Amarnath cave and says with the heat of their body, they will bear a son.