Shiv Shakti (Colors) 26th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi Bhringi realizes his mistake


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 26th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Parvati asking Rishi Bhringi to stop and come in his real avatar. She makes him come in his real avatar using her powers. She says you have crossed all limits today, you didn’t understand even after I tried to make you understand, you couldn’t understand our relation and love, you have insulted a woman and a wife. Rishi Bhringi says if you are thinking my devotion as insult, then what is my fault. He says your anger can’t make me afraid, and tells that he will not change his decision and for him, Mahadev is God, and he will take rounds around Mahadev, and not you. Parvati says you have insulted womanhood, and tells that the body genes are inherited from the man, but blood and flesh comes from a woman. She curses him that whatever he has, of a woman will left his body, just as he goes out of kailash, and just his skeleton will be left out, so that all the universe will remember about this. Rishi bhringi tells that he is devoted to Mahadev, but Mahadev has done injustice to him due to his wife’s love. He says I will become skeleton, but my sayings will be right that Parvati is not Devi, but a human, and so much happened infront of Mahadev, and he is silent. Narad asks Rishi Bhringi to understand what they were trying to do. Rishi Bhringi announces that he will separate Mahadev and Parvati with his power of meditation. Everyone is shocked. A destruction happens in the universe. Mahadev and Parvati get angry.

Rishi Bhringi says he will separate them to such an extent that they can’t come closer to each other again. Mahadev says Rishi Bhringi…Parvati’s curse is the punishment for your mistake and what do you think that you can separate Shiv Parvati. He asks him to accept his mistake and says you can’t see the truth being my dearest devotee. Rishi bhringi says for me you are complete, what wrong did I do by calling you complete, and says you have done wrong by forcing me to worship someone who is not complete. He says your avatar….Mahadev says you couldn’t see my true avatar and says this happens when the person is blinded and says you have dared to separate Shiv and Parvati, and asks him to separate them if he can. Shiv and Parvati hold each other’s hands, and take ArdhNareeshwar avatar and becomes giant, surprising everyone. All the animals, humans and others see their avatar from their places and says har har mahadev. Rishi Bhringi folds his hands and sits. Narad says Mahadev has proved that the universe is made of them. Mahadev asks Rishi Bhringi to separate them now. He says all husbands and wives complete each other. Parvati says if you can then separate us.

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Rishi bhringi realizes his mistake and says I couldn’t understand your avatar, being your biggest devotee. He says I have lost the right to be called as your devotee, and says why did I dare to separate you both and couldn’t see them as one. He says I couldn’t see your divinity, Devi. He says if you permit me then I want to take rounds around you. He says Ardhnareeshwar ki jai. Everyone also say Jai. Mahadev and Parvati get back to normalcy. They sit on their place. Rishi bhringi starts to take rounds around them. He folds his hands. Everyone say jai jai mahadev and take rounds around them. Shivshakti title song plays……Rishi bhringi asks how to apologize to you, and says whoever question the avatar of Mahadev and Parvati, and their relation, will become the sinister. He says Parvati is completed, and their relation will be till eternity. He says people will worship her, and I will be punished surely for my mistake. He says I will remain in the form of cursed skeleton. He apologizes to Parvati and is about to go. Mahadev stops him.

Shiv’s message: Shiv tells that love and relation are the bond which we have, and these emotions connect us with other, and make us go to our dear person’s house. He says it doesn’t mean that the person will have the same emotion/bond for you, and that’s why you shall not go to such people’s house who don’t have any feelings for you, as relationship is beautiful if it is fulfilled from both sides.

Episode ends.