Shiv Shakti (Colors) 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Daksh to invite Shiv for the yagya

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 26th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sati asking Shivganns to help her and turns to see them sitting waiting to have food. She says you all sat down like guests.s The Shivgann tells that they can’t wait to have food made by her. Sati serves them food and asks them to have slowly. Shivgann asks if she will not have food. Sati says I am not just Sati, but Shiv’s shivangi. She says I will have food with Shiv. Shiv comes there and tells that good aroma is coming, and says lets have food. Nandi says we all have food, and asks him to have food with Sati. They go to sleep. Brahmadev tells that Mahadev has saved Surya dev. Daksh says this situation is aroused because of Shiv, and says don’t know what problem will happen now. Inder dev comes there and tells that trouble has come. Sati checks the vessels, but doesn’t have enough food in it. She asks Shiv to have it. Shiv asks her to have food with him. She says we don’t have sufficient food. Shiv and Sati have food. Shiv tells that he wants some more food, as it is tasty. Sati gets tensed. Shiv asks her to turn and see. Sati sees the food and gets happy. Just then she breaks the water pot and gets upset.

Manas putra Rishi tells Daksh that some drops of halahal had fallen down on the earth and it is polluting the water and air, so they need to do havan in Prayagraj so that the air and water get pure again. Brahmadev asks who will lead this havan. Rishi says Mahadev, as he is the only one who can make everything fine. Daksh gets upset and asks Inder Dev to call all the devs for the havan. He asks him to call Narad also to meet him. Brahmadev asks what about Shiv. Daksh looks on.

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Shiv asks Sati, to leave what is broken and hold the thing what is in your hand. He says you are the creator of your parents’ words and my world too. They are about to make a new pot with the wet mud.

Daksh tells Narad that he has to go to Kailash to invite Shiv for the havan. Narad asks him to go alone, and says he is your Jaimata. Daksh says you know well that he comes for a reason and not by invitation. He says many people are affected so I have to go there. Narad says your intention seems to be not good. Daksh thinks everyone will know my intention once the havan starts.

Shiv’s message: if the person controls on his ego, anger, jealousy, hatred etc, then he will become selfless. He says you got the life to connect with yourself and not to cut with the world.

Precap: Daksh invites Shiv for the yagya. Shiv says he will come. They come to the Palace. Daksh thinks Shiv doesn’t get up when he came and thinks to take revenge from him during other yagya.