Shiv Shakti (Colors) 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Parvati Challenges Tarakasur


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 20th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Tarakasur threatening Parvati that if she doesn’t submit herself to him, he will kill her parents and sister like he killed Vindhya Kumar and his parents. Narayan asks Shiv if he means Parvati has to help herself. Narayan nods yes. Narayan says Parvati is a helpless woman who can’t fight with powerful Tarakasur. Mahadev a helpless woman gives birth to a powerful man and he forgot that Parvati is Adishakti. Mainavati cries seeing Himavan’s condition and pleads Tarakasur to spare her family. Tarakasur ties her down and asks Parvati if she doesn’t take a decision, she will lose her mother. Ganga warns him to stop it and tries to attack him. Himavan attacks her, and she falls unconscious. Parvati gets worried for her. Tarakasur warns her to take a decision immediately or else he will kill her mother.

Narayan reminds Shiv that he helps woman. Shiv says each woman is powerful and if Parvati has to be his better half, she has to attack Tarakasur and prove that she is his Adhishakti. He says he is following his duty and it’s Parvati’s duty to enlighten power/shakti in herself. Tarakasur asks Parvati if he shall spare her mother or kill her. Parvati asks him to spare her mother. Himavan spares Mainavati, and Mainavati falls down unconscious. Parvati rushes to her. Tarakasur says she didn’t see his power properly under Shiv’s bhasm/ash. Parvati hits him with a tray. Shiv tells Narayan that a moment they were waiting since years has arrived. Tarakasur gets angry and tries to catch Parvati. Parvati runs to a jungle. Narayan asks Shiv when can they see see Parvati’s adishakti avatar. Shiva says they have to wait.

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Tarakasur tells Parvati that there is no one here to protect her in this jungle. He asks what did she see in a cave dwelling aghori Shiv that she wants to sacrifice the whole world. Parvati says Shiv stays in her each cell, she selected Shiv and respects him; Tarakasur lost her respect when he spoke ill about Shiv. She warns him to get out of her way. Tarakasur says she is a helpless woman and can’t bear his attack. Narayan asks till when Parvati has to bear Tarakasur’s terror. Shiv says it’s time for Parvati to show her Adishakti avatar.

Precap: Shiv announces to marry Parvati