Shiv Shakti (Colors) 19th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhairav appears to sheild Shakti Peeths from Asurs


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 19th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Narayan where did he go? Narayan says I had gone somewhere to teach them, but I have learnt myself. He says Daksh is dead, but this universe is still here, how it will run. He says Mahadev has to do an important work. He tells Brahmadev that they have to request Mahadev and has to give a new life to Daksh. Brahmadev says he was my son, but he deserves this end. Narayan says this world will be unstable without the King, and says Daksh will be punished but why to make the world suffer. He asks Chandra dev if he has called Rohini and others. Chandra dev says yes. Narad says who will request him. They all come to Mahadev. Narayan tells that all 51 Shakti peeths are placed and asks him to give life to Daksh, as without King, how the world will run. Shiv refuses. Narad tells that Sati wanted to destroy Daksh’s ego, and she don’t want to kill him. Brahmadev says he don’t want Daksh to get alive again. They all request Shiv to make daksh alive. Shiv says he don’t have power to give life to him, Daksh wanted to separate him from his Sati, and tells that he is now a dead body. Rohini and others come there. Rohini asks him to stop for his Sati. They tell that they are Sati’s sisters whom you have given the boon. Rohini says we are helpless seeing our crying mother and father’s dead body. They show the ashes and asks him to give life to Daksh. She says you have to fulfilled the promise made infront of Sati.

Lakshmi says if Devi Sati was here, then even she would have told this. She says let them get what they want. Shiv looks at her.

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Deeti says it is our good chance. Shukracharya says Shiv is going far from Shakti Peeth and asks bali to destroy them. Bali says we will divide Asurs into 51 teams and shall destroy all the shakti peeth together. He takes Shukracharya’s blessings and asks Deeti to give them permission. Deeti says she will do what is better for Asur kul and asks Bali to destroy Shakti peeth. Shiv is going far from Shakti peeth. Bali comes to the Shakti peeth and says they will destroy all the Shakti peeth, and when they are not left, then their chance of their union will not be there. He is aboput to about destroy Shakti peeth. Rahu, Ketu and others Asurs are also come to the other Shakti peeths to destroy them. Shiv stops and keeps hand on his hand. Bhairav comes out from the Shakti peeths at different places. He says what did you think that Shakti peeths are unsafe which are placed by Mahadev, and says Mahadev is in even the minute part of this universe. He says today you have to face Bhairav, Mahakaal’s Bhairav. He says Mahadev has given me the responsibility to protect it, and says I am the shield of these Shakti peeth. He asks them to do war with him, and says you have seen Mahadev’s Bhola avatar and now you will face Bhairav. He kicks Bali and the latter falls down. Bhairav kills the Asurs. He comes to Rahu. Rahu blows fire on him and says you can’t kill me, I have drank amrit. Bhairav says it will be punishment for you, and says this boon will become curse for you, and you will die for death as I will punish you. He attacks Rahu.

Episode ends.