Shiv Shakti (Colors) 17th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ganga’s questions to help Parvati’s decision


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 17th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Parvati telling Mahadev looking at the Shivling that she is going and asks him to let her go. Ganga comes there and asks if you really want to end your love, then why you want to worship you, and asks if the worshipping is possible is without love. She says it is wrong to marry Vindya Kumar, though you love someone else. Parvati says I had agreed to marry Shiv, but I have be insulted. She says my groom is standing on the door, I have to go. Ganga asks her to open her heart door before going? Parvati says Shiv has closed my heart door, the decision is taken. Ganga asks her to go, but answer her first, and asks if you love Shiv or not. Parvati says Didi…Ganga gives her swear of Mahadev. Parvati says yes, I love Shiv. Ganga asks if will love Vindya Kumar. Parvati says I will try. Ganga asks can you try from your heart. Parvati says never. Ganga says how can you become someone’s wife, with love in your heart for someone else, and asks her to answer her.

Taraka sur tells that he is Asur and don’t believe in mahurat, but you are Vind Rajkumar and your would be wife is busy doing shringaar, when the mahurat is ending. Mainavati says she will bring her and goes. Ganga tells Parvati that it is not an insult to keep your feelings before your parents. Parvati says it is wrong to go against our parents. Ganga says Mata shri had locked me in the room, as she thought that I am provoking you. She asks her to find out the truth. Ganga says truth is Shiv. Mainavati comes to sevikas and asks her about Parvati. They tell her that Parvati went to do puja of Shivling. Ganga asks Parvati to hear her heart and hear the love call. Mainavati is coming there. Ganga asks Parvati to calm down her heart first, and says you only say that you get peace by touching Shiv, and asks her to touch Shiv to calm down her mind. Mahadev looks on. Parvati goes to Shivling and touches it. Tap tyaag hai….Shiv puts flowers on Shakti peeth. Parvati puts flower petals on Shivling and it falls on him. Narayan, Lakshmi and Narad looks at him. Mainavati comes there and calls Parvati, asking what is she doing here? She says everyone is waiting for you there. Parvati takes the aarti plate and goes from there. Ganga hides from Mainavati’s sight. Parvati looks at the Shivling. Ganga thinks I can’t do anything now, your destiny is in your hands.

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Mainavati takes Parvati inside. Taraka sur smiles looking at her, and thinks she deserves to sit with him on his singhasan. Vind King tells Himavan that his daughter is very beautiful and he is lucky to get Parvati married to his son. He asks Parvati if she likes her groom. Mainavati asks Parvati to answer. She asks Vindya Kumar and Parvati to exchange garlands. Parvati thinks of Shiv.

Parvati thinks of Ganga and Narad’s words. Vindya Kumar comes near her to make her wear garland. She continues to think about Ganga’s words, that how she will become someone’s wife when she has Shiv in her heart. Parvati backs off just as Vindya Kumar is about to make her wear garland.

Precap: Parvati tells Mainavati that Shiv likes the ashes and today I want to become Shivmey ending all my confusion. She applies bhasm on herself and says har har mahadev. Mahadev looks on.