Shiv Shakti (Colors) 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Parvati determines to make Shiv regret his actions


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 15th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Parvati looking at Shivling and recalls boy’s words that he feels that he is in his mother’s lap when he is with Shiv. She recalls the guy saying that she must have seen some imposter and not Mahadev. She recalls Taraka sur’s words, and tells that only Vind Rajkumar has right on her and her thoughts, and she has to take out these memories from her heart. Shiv says take me out from your memories, as I have no hopes or expectations, I will be scattered in this universe, I had told you, not to be born on this earth again. He says be it Sati or Parvati, in this humanly universe, you will not get anything other than pain. He says you should have been stayed as Adi Shakti, it was good for you and me. Parvati gets restless. Ganga asks what is your dilemma? Parvati says I have make myself Shiv mukt. Ganga asks what are you saying? Parvati says Shiv is my nothing and I have to accept this. Ganga says but Parvati. Mainavati comes there and takes Ganga from there. Parvati hears a woman crying and telling the other that her husband beats her. Other woman says who can know love better than Mahadev. Parvati shouts asking her not to say wrong, and says when I went to kailash, he didn’t understand my feelings and didn’t ask me why I went there, and then when I came out, I see Mahadev taking care of the injured people and was relieving their pain. She says she got hurt and felt that what was missing in my prayers etc that Mahadev gave me so much pain. The woman/Sevika says Mahadev does everything with a purpose. She says he might be sad like you are sad. Shiv says he didn’t see her face when she came here. Parvati says I will never forgive him and will never forget his arrogance. She says she will do something, which will make Shiv regret all life.

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Mainavati accuses Ganga for provoking Parvati, and says until Vind Rajkumar exchange garland with Parvati. Sevikas come there and tells Mainavati that Parvati went somewhere and said that she will make Shiv regret all life. Ganga tells Mainavati that she can keep her captive, but not Parvati’s love.

Parvati says you didn’t think me suitable so that you eye sight falls on me. She says I will make Shivling here, and it will become the witness of my marriage tomorrow, you will become the witness of my hurt heart and hurt self respect. She says when I go to my new home, this shivling will be witness that the Parvati who had loved you so much, has become of someone else. She says even you shall feel the pain which I am going through. She starts making the Shivling. Shiv looks on. All the devtas look at her. Shiv hits his trishul on the ground and the Shivling breaks down. Parvati says if you are stubborn then I am determined too, and says I will make Shivling again. She makes Shivling again, and Shiv breaks it again. Narad asks Narayan, why Mahadev is doing this. Narayan goes to Mahadev and asks why you are doing this, and says it doesn’t suit you that you are playing with a devotee’s devotion. Mahadev asks him to go. Narayan says if you want to break Shivling then can break it. He vanishes from there and comes to the place where Parvati is making Shivling. Lakshmi gives him flower. Narad appreciates Narayan’s plana. Narayan asks Parvati to mix the flower petals in the mud so that the Shivling doesn’t break. Mahadev realizes Sati had thrown the same flower on him before their marriage.

Precap: Parvati makes the Shivling. Mainavati says if you marry Shiv then you can’t become a mother. Shiv says my life is ashes like Sati burnt into ashes. Sati tells everyone that she is nothing with Shiv.