Shiv Shakti (Colors) 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv gets ready to marry Sati

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 15th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Narad telling Shiv about Daksh’s proposal that he shall stay in the Palace after marriage. Shiv asks Narad not to lower his head and tells that Daksh wants to spoil his daughter and his son in law’s relation, He says it is his revenge and not love, that’s why it can’t be acceptable, he wants to bind me, but nobody can bind Shiv, as I am in every particle of this world, in everything. He says for me, love is not binding, but freedom. He asks him to tell Daksh that the relations are made with and dedication in love and not of compromise. He says Sati and my relation is love and freedom and not any compromise. He says I will go there, as Sati has chosen me as her groom. He asks Narad not to tell anything to Sati, and tells that he don’t want her father’s respect to lower in her sight.

Narad comes to Daksh. Daksh says so he has refused. Narad tells Daksh that he has explained that this is relation and not business. Daksh tells that he wanted to end enmity towards him, but Shiv doesn’t want. He tells Narayan is responsible for this, I prayed him always, but he left me alone. He says my parampita also left me, because of whom I have enmity with Shiv. Brahmadev asks him to accept Shiv is truth and says you have accept this. Daksh tells that if Shakti was not his daughter then he wouldn’t have been restless like this. He tells that he will not be helpless. Shiv asks Nandi to invite everyone. Nandi asks shall we invite Asurs also. Shiv says no. Rohini asks Sati, what is she feeling? Sati says she is very happy. Rohini says Mahadev will be surprised to see you. Sati empties all the pearls Mala and tells that the marriage is not just of me. Deeti says Pita ji didn’t call me in my 27 sisters’ marriage, and tells that he didn’t call me after Sati’s birth also. She says but Shiv should have called us, as he didn’t discriminate between Devtas and us. Bali asks why will he call us after whatever he has done during Samudra Manthan. Swarbhanu says we shall think about getting Devlok and says we will not let invitation. Shiv comes there and says how can this be possible. He says Gann didn’t bring the invite, as I wanted to invite you all myself, and tells that he is of Asurs also equal to devtas. He tells that with whatever happened in samudra manthan, you all are upset, I respect that. He says my purpose to come here is to bring invitation of my wedding to you all. Deeti gets touched and happy that Shiv has given them invitation, and tells that she will feel pride for this all life. Bali tells that they will dance in his marriage. Shiv goes. Deeti is very much happy. Swarbhanu looks at his snake counterpart head..

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Sati brings the Rudraraksh’s mala and tells that he is already beautiful, she wants to see how he will look after getting ready with Shringar. She puts the Shringar on Shivling and the Rudraksh, necklace is adorned on Shiv. Shiv smiles as Sati hugs the Shivling.

Later Devtas, Asurs and Shiv ganns gather in kailash to begin Shiv’s marriage festivities. All the animals are coming in tow. Shiv comes there. Narayan and others say har har mahadev.

Daksh tells that he does justice always and tells his soldiers that he has enmity with Shiv, but nobody shall be insulted in baraat and shall be welcomed well. Saraswati does the aarti of Shiv. Lakshmi says nobody’s bad sight shall fall on Shiv. Swarbhanu tells that he will not let Shiv’s marriage happen at right mahurat so that something wrong happens, then only his revenge will be fulfilled.

Shiv’s message: Shiv tells that whatever you aim to get in the world, you need to find the right way to get it. He says when the fire is caught and then sets off, everyone think that how did it broke out and takes precautionary measures. He says first solution shall be thought rather than worrying.

Precap: Shiv brings his baraat to Daksh’s palace. Sati throws flower petal on his chest, so that it reaches his heart.