Shiv Shakti (Colors) 14th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya Adamant to Know Who His Father Is


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 14th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with a Kritika waking up Surupa and informing that someone has come to meet her outside. Surupa looks at sleeping Kartikeya and walks out. A rishi informs her that her husband rishi Angiras is critically ill and needs her service. Surupa says she is sad to hear this news, but she has to follow a mother’s duty and can send some medicine to her husband. Rishi asks till when they have to stay separated from their wives. Surupa says if her husband had accepted her pregnancy at that time, she wouldn’t have been separated from him. Kartikeya walks out and asks if he is one of saptarishi Rishi Angiras’ son. Rishi says Angiras is not his father. Kartikeya asks Surupa who is his father. Surupa asks him to go inside the hut. Kartikeya insists her to inform him who is his father.

Kritikas walk out and ask Surupa what happened. Surupa says Kartikeya is getting adamant. Kartikeya says he loves them all, but wants an answer which he is waiting for since long; even asurs asked who his father is. Kritikas ask him to stop being adamant and go to sleep. Kartikeya says he will not return home until he knows who his father is. Kritikas walk behind him and request him to stop. Kartikeya says he will not return until he gets his anger. Kritikas gives him their promise and request him not to question who his father is. Kartikeya gets adamant. Shiv gets concerned seeing Kartikeya’s adamancy. Parvati makes all Gan sleep like a true mother.

Kartikeya continues to stand outside whole night and in the morning says he will ask his gurudev Vishwamitra then. Rishi Vishwamitra emerges and asks why did he remember him. Kartikeya asks him to inform who his father is. Vishwamitra says he will know at the right time. Kartikeya says he can’t wait more and says it’s okay if they don’t want to inform him, he will question his aradhya’s wife devi Parvati; she always fed him whenever he was hungry without asking her, today he will ask her to bring him food. He calls Parvati to bring food for him as he is very hungry. Parvati hears him and emerges in front of Kartikeya. Surupa thinks it’s not the right time to inform Kartikeya about his father. Parvati asks Kritikas why they are so tensed.

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Kartikeya asks her who his father is. Parvati asks if he is not hungry. Kartikeya says he is hungry to know who his father is. Parvati stands silent. Kartikeya called her with lots of hope to know the truth, but she disappointed him. Vishwamitra says he can understand that Kartikeya wants to hug his father, father-son love is very eternal. Kartikeya says he will captivate his father with his arrows instead. Shiv opens his eyes hearing that. Kartikeya says he will captivate his father and will bring him near Shivling, plead Mahadev to give him justice, and question how can anyone abandon his own son like this. Parvati asks him not to be adamant. Shiv says if she doesn’t answer, Mahadev himself will answer him.

Precap: Kartikeya prays Mahadev. Mahadev arrives and asks him to ask for a boon.
Kartikeya says he wants to know who his father is. Mahadev says he is his father and asks him to punish him.
Kartikeya points arrow at him.