Shiv Shakti (Colors) 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Sati’s Swayamvar begins

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 12th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Prasuti coming to Sati and admires her while she is sleeping, after knowing that she is Adi Shakti. Next day, Prasuti asks Sati, which color Shiv will like? Sati selects the dress. Prasuti says ok. Rohini asks Sati if Pita ji doesn’t call Shiv. Sati says she is sure that Pita ji will call him. Rohini asks if Shiv doesn’t come and if someone else lifts the trishul? Sati tells that she truly loved him and he will come with all his power. Prasuti asks Daksh to take the invitation for Shiv. He asks why this invitation is different. Prasuti tells that Shiv is going to be their son in law. He asks her to be in limits and says that Kaapalik can’t become my son in law. Prasuti says she remembers that he is her husband and remember the wedding vows. She confronts him for hiding from her that he got Sati from Adi Shakti as the boon, and tells that Sati is Adi Shakti’s avatar. Daksh says Narayan blessed me.

Prasuti says Narayan asked you to get some mind, and wants Sati to get a suitable groom. She tells that only Shiv is suitable. Daksh comes to invite Shiv, and tells that his daughter wants him to attend the Swayamwar. Shiv asks if you also wants the same, and asks him to say truly. Daksh tells that Shiv is not the right guy for her daughter, as he wears animal’s skin as his clothes, snake as the ornament and rubs ashes on his body. He says my daughter is adorned with jewellery also in the palace. He insults Shiv a lot. He tells that he is helpless infront of his daughter’s stubborness. He asks him to come to do something better for Sati, and to insult a father. Shiv says I love Sati, but my aim can’t be insult of a father. He says I will not become the reason for a father’s insult, infront of his daughter. He tells that there is no reason in the invitation, so Shiv will not come. Daksh gets shocked, turns and goes. Shiv sits to meditate.

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Sati’s Swayamvar begins. Sati waits for Shiv. All the kings and Gods have come there. Daksh tells them that whoever picks the trishul will be her groom.

Shiv ganns ask Nandi to say, as he is superior to them. Nandi asks Shiv if he will not go to Swayamvar. Shiv says she is mine, and will always be mine. He asks why it is important to go there and get there. Nandi says if Daksh fixes her marriage with someone. Shiv says whatever destiny wants, will happen. Shiv leaves from there. Nandi tells that when the invitation and the reason is completed, then Shiv will go there. A king comes there and tries to lift the trishul, but can’t. Everyone laugh on him.

Other kings also tries, but can’t lift the trishul. Lakshmi tells Narayan that if Shiv doesn’t come then it will be an insult to Sati, as she will not put garland in anyone’s neck. Shiv comes to the Aghoris. Other king also tries. Narad asks Daksh if he has given invite to Shiv. Daksh says I gave the invite, what can I do if he don’t come. He says Shiv has done this act to take revenge from me. Narad asks if you have manipulated him with your words, so that he don’t come. Sati gets worried and thinks if Shiv loves her.

Shiv’s message that this world is searching for happiness, and everyone is trying to search happiness in different things, but nobody is happy. He says you shall find happiness in yourself first so that you stays happy always.

Precap: Daksh asks if there is anyone who can save me and my daughter’s respect. He says I will destroy this world and is about to shoot fire arrow, when Shiv comes there. Sati smiles.