Shiv Shakti (Colors) 12th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv Forces Parvati To Give Boon To Tarakasur’s Sons


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 12th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Shiv telling Parvati that Tarakasur’s sons are doing penance and it’s her duty to go and reward them. Parvati asks if he wants her to boon the evils who want to kill her son. Shiv says she is also mata Adi shakti and has to follow her duty. Parvati refuses to go and gets adamant. Tarakasur’s sons fall down unconscious continuing their penance. Shiv tells Parvati that they collapsed praying her, but she doesn’t want to fulfill her duty. Parvati says whatever he says, she will not give boon to whoever wants to kill her son.

Shankchurn informs Tarakasur that his sons lost all the blood and collapsed, but Parvati did not come. Tarakasur says he knew it’s waste to pray Parvati. Dhiti says Parvati has to come at any cost to give boon to Tarakasur’s sons. Surupa says she trusts her milk flowing her children’s veins and knows that Parvati will come for sure.

Parvati continues to get adamant and starts cooking food. Shiv says when he was in a dilemma, she got him out of it, now it’s her turn to clear her dilemma and follow her duty as Devi Adishakti. Parvati still refuses. Shiv asks if she doesn’t want to be Devi Adishakti and wants to be just a mother. Parvati says yes. Earth starts shaking and Mahadev’s throne starts breaking. Parvati gets concerned. Shiv stops her and continues to question her, but she doesn’t agree. Things start breaking in the whole universe. Nandi, Gan, and humans think it’s Shiv’s anger.

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Kailash starts melting. Parvati asks what is happening here. Shiv says Shiv’s presence is there only till there is truth and if Shakti fails to follow her duty, even he will fail. Fire boulders fall on the earth. Shiv says whenever she fails to follow her duty, Shiv will be destroyed and shattered in to atoms. Parvati stops him.

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