Shiv Shakti (Colors) 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Narayan decides to stop Mahadev to save Universe


Shiv Shakti (Colors) 11th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Mahadev walking holding Sati’s dead body. He says when there was nothing, there was you and me, and we made this universe. He says again there will be nothing left, and only we both will be there. He says this universe is not pure and deserves to be over. He walks and the place becomes deserted. Chandra dev asks Narad, if Mahadev knew about what was going to happen. Narad says Mahadev is Mahadev, he has to do this to teach a lesson to his devotees. He says Devi Sati was in her humanly avatar, and will come in her actual Devi avatar. He says if Shiv wanted, he could have stopped it, but he didn’t hinder her journey, as he wanted everyone to know there is nobody’s power or hold on destiny. Lakshmi says if Shiv had stopped Sati then this destruction wouldn’t have happened. Narayan says he has kept his wife’s respect like a good husband and has proved infront of everyone, that husband shall not force his decisions on his wife, but shall respect each other’s feelings. Shiv says I could break the promise made to you, but how I would change your destiny, and says this universe didn’t let you complete your journey here. She says you used to come to tie my hair when I come in my Rudra avatar, and says nobody can stop me now. He says my Sati couldn’t complete her journey to Shakti, and says I am angry that this world doesn’t value the importance of the woman or her identity. He says he will destroy everything, and says this universe has snatched truth from me, and now it has to become lifeless. Some Rishivars are going to Mahadev, but Nandi and Shivganns stop them and asks them to return.

Shiv keeps Sati on big stone and recalls Sati leaving from Kailash to go to Daksh’s palace, while he has warned her that she can’t bear her insult. He says I knew that this will happen, that’s why I was stopping you from going there, and asks what else I could have done than this. He says I am your husband and it is my duty to respect your decision. He says we were tied by the promise, one which you gave me that until Daksh calls me, I shall not come and another promise that if Daksh insults you then you will leave this body that moment. He says I have respected your promise and even you, but the universe didn’t keep their limitations, this universe is corrupted, we have to destroy it and create a new universe where there will be no arrogance, insult and anger. He says when my universe is not with me, then I will end it and says let the destruction happen. He says I don’t want this universe, where I don’t have my Shakti with me, and that’s why I destroy this universe right now. He says now the end will start, the people witnesses fire hitting the places, and the Palace feel the earth quake. Guru Shukracharya signs Deeti and they leave. Narad tells Narayan that this is Mahadev’s sign. Narayan says Mahadev has begun destruction Tandav. Shiv is doing tandav to destroy the universe and has opened his third eye. Narad says Shiv has opened his third eye and this means nothing will be left now to see. Prasuti says he is in pain for Sati’s death.

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Brahmadev asks Narayan to stop Shiv . Narayan says this is possible if we all are together. Prasuti orders that the temples in the kingdom shall be opened for Mahadev’s Abhishek. Deeti tells that it is Brahmadev and Narayan’s problem and says if the Devtas get weak then only we will win. Narayan says Mahadev will bring Maha Pralay in the universe created by him. Shiv continues to do Tandav.

Precap: Narayan asks Mahadev to stop and says before your anger fire burns this universe, I have to stop you. Shiv sees Sati’s body vanishing in air and attacks Narayan with his trishul.