Shiv Shakti 30th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv suggests Samudra Manthan to beat Rishi Durvasa’s curse

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The Episode starts with Deeti telling Swarbhanu that he didn’t do right. He says he has kidnapped her and wants to marry her. Deeti says you have done foolishness as this girl is Apsara’s daughter. Inder Dev comes there and says he has done a sin by kidnapping her and says your sons forget that I am still alive to punish them. He attacks Swarbhanu, but Bali saves him and tells Inder Dev that he has done foolishness to come here alone. Daksh comes there with Aditi and tells Bali that Swarbhanu has done wrong, and tells that he is proud that Inder came alone for a woman’s respect. Inder Dev thanks Daksh. Daksh asks Deeti to ask Swarbhanu to leave the apsara and let her go. Swarbhanu leaves her and the apsara goes to Aditi. Daksh appreciates Inder Dev. Inder Dev says it is my dharma. Deeti tells Bali that when the situation is not in their favor, they shall digest their insult and shall wait at the right time.

Narayan comes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells him that Sati is getting inclined towards Shiv, and their love will blossom. Inder Dev is being appreciated in Dev lok for bringing the apsara back. Yamraj appreciates him for going to Pataal lok alone. Chandra Dev is also happy and praises him. Inder Dev says I am sure that nobody will dare to do this again with Swarg lok. Rishi Durvasa comes there. A dev tells Inder Dev that Rishi Durvasa was waiting for him. Inder Dev welcomes him and asks what is the reason for his arrival here. Rishi Durvasa says Narayan has given me this Mala, and asked me to give it to someone who deserves it. He says I came to give this to you and thinks you deserve this, and this garland will increase your honour. Inder Dev becomes proudish and tells that he has much honor already and has brought Dev apsara fine. He says he has much responsibility and can’t bear this garland burden. He asks him to give the garland to someone who deserves it, and says my Gaj Airawat is the right candidate for it. He throws garland at Airawat, who makes the garland falls down and smashes it under its feet. He asks Rishi Durvasa to take the garland and present it to someone else. Rishi Durvasa says you have forgotten that you shall not insult the person, who came to give you respect. He is about to give them curse. Shiv looks on tensed. Narad gets worried. Rishi Durvasa curses Inder Dev and all the Devs, that they will become Shriheen. Lakshmi tells Narayan that the garland became reason for their separation. Rishi Durvasa curses them and the jeweller vanishes from their bodies.

Lakshmi tells Narayan that he has become Shriheen and that’s why she has to leave. Rishi Durvasa says you will lose all the Lakshmis. Lakshmi goes to the river and says this is our destiny, I have to vanish. Narayan looks on. Everyone in the palace find their jewellery missing from their bodies. Daksh says I have to go and check. Nandi cries. Shiv tells that the ruler has to bear the punishment. Aditi comes to Prasuti and tells her that all the devs became Shriheen and tells that Deeti will take the advantage. She says only Shiv can save us. Sati says we will not go to Shiv. Rohini asks why? Sati says first we shall find out if he deserve this and says if he is our friend or enemy. Prasuti asks if you have doubt on your father. Sati asks why Shiv saved Pita shri from getting stained of making his 27 daughters as widows. Prasuti asks her to think about her father who has given her birth.

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Deeti comes to the Swarg lok and says she has to do all the wrong things to reach here. She reminds Inder Dev of his words, as the Asurs took advantage of their situation. Bali sits on Swarg lok’s throne. Swarbhanu is about to kill Inder Dev. Deeti stops him and says their Narayan has become Shriheen, and he can’t help them. Daksh comes to Rishi Durvasa and asks him to say what he needs to take back the curse. Rishi Durvasa gets angry. Daksh says why other Devs and Narayan shall suffer due to Inder Dev. He says he is ready to do anything. Rishi Durvasa asks him to end his enmity and let Shiv and Shakti unite. Daksh gets angry and says impossible. Daksh says only Shiv can cut my curse.

Narayan comes to Shiv and asks how he has bear this separation. Shiv says this pain made the person bear any pain. Narayan says I couldn’t do my duties being away from Devi Lakshmi. He says she is part of my identity and I have incomplete without her and this earth as shriheen. He asks him to show some way. brahmadev asks him to give some solution.

Sati thinks of Aditi’s words. Shiv closes his eyes and sees river and mountain emerging from it. He plays dumroo. Narayan asks Shiv what they shall do. Sati is making butter. Rohini asks hwat you are doing. Sati says Manthan. Shiv says Manthan, and says butter is in the milk and it needs to be taken out, and says Samudra Manthan is the only way to get Lakshmi.

Narad tells Deeti and Chandrabhanu that they have Swarg lok now, so he will tell the Devs that they are no longer interested in Samudra Manthan. He says don’t know why the Devs want to share everything with you, and says he heard that even Amrit will come out which will make the person immortal. Deeti says we will help in Samudra Manthan, but we have a condition. Narad tells Shiv and Devs about Deeti’s condition. Deeti says butter will come out first. Shiv asks Devs to agree to give the first thing to Asurs. Inder devs agrees. Shiv gives the responsibility to Narayan to give the things to everyone, as they deserve. Rohini asks sati what she thought.

Daksh doesn’t like Shiv’s idea to do Samudra manthan. Sati tells Prasuti that Shiv deserve their friendship and not enmity. Daksh doesn’t agree to Narad’s sayings. Sati says may be this is the only solution, as Narayan agreed. Daksh says narayan didn’t understand that it is not solution for Shiv’s trap. She keeps hand on his eyes and asks him to take a heavy breath, and asks if you love me more or hate Shiv more. Daksh says he has no words to say what she means to him. Sati asks him to accept for her that only Shiv has solution for this problem. Daksh gets angry, but maintain his calm. He says he can’t see his father getting insulted. He says Shiv has brought the trouble and not solution. Narad says so you will not become part of the samudra manthan.

Shiv’s message: Ganga becomes Ganga due to her karma.

Precap: Shiv asks if you all are ready for this Manthan. They say yes. He drinks the halahal and Sati holds his throat so that the poison don’t spread in his body.