Shiv Shakti 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv surrenders himself to Sati

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The Episode starts with Sati telling Maruts and Nandi to inform Shiv that Dakshayani Sati had come to meet Maruts and not him. Nandi asks her to stop. Sati leaves. Maruts and Nandi ask Shiv why he was invisible to Sati. Shiv says I want to see Sati, but she didn’t want to meet me. He says she wanted to meet Maruts, which is fulfilled, when she comes to meet me, then I will meet her. Prasuti tells Daksh that Sati went somewhere and says I always told you, not to give her much liberty. Daksh says I will go to search Sati. Sati says where Shiv will be found. Rishi Durvasa comes infront of her and says you will find Shiv every where, and says it is illusion that it is necessary to go to Kailash to meet Shiv. He says he is air, water, life. He asks her to do meditation and says Shiv will come. Sati asks who are you. Rishi Durvasa says you shall know Shiv, then you don’t need to know any body else. Sati thinks of Rishi Durvasa’s words. Nandi tells that Sati said that when she has come then she will meet Shiv also. Marut says she didn’t have even water and was upset. Sati makes Shivling and tells that he didn’t understand that she came to meet him, but he was not ready to meet her. She says she is Dakshayani and says you didn’t see my stubbornness. She says I came to meet you to get my answers, but you didn’t meet me. He says nobody can get anything before time. Sati starts chanting Om Namashivay….Shiv comes there and sees Sati praying to Shivling. He recalls his meeting with Shakti. He puts trishul on the ground and Sati opens her eyes. He says Sati. Sati says Sati. His trishul vanishes and becomes bel patra’s bow and arrow. He gives it to Sati and says you want to have enmity, do it. Sati is speechless.

Shiv surrenders himself to Sati. Sati looks at him. Shiv asks what is your dilemma, and says when you get rid of dilemma, then you will find Shiv with you again. Sati recalls someone’s words that if she knows Shiv then she will not know anything. She shouts Shiv.

Lakshmi tells Narayan that Shiv that it is strange that Shiv gave the arrow to Sati. Rishi Durvasa comes to Narayan and asks if you called me. Narayan says you have guided Sati to meet Shiv and their union will be seen by everyone. He gifts him garland made by Lakshmi for him. Rishi Durvasa says I don’t have any place to keep this precious garland. Narayan asks him to make its right use. Lakshmi asks what Sati will do? Sati calls Shiv and thinks she was quiet when he came infront of her, and now calling his name. Daksh comes there and says I named you Dakshayini, so that you become superior in every way and I never prohibited you from doing anything. He asks if this is good to come without informing anyone, and asks what you are doing in the jungle, and what this bel patra dhanush baan is going in your hand. Sati tells that she had gone to Kailash to meet Shiv and he gifted this to her. He says you gave you this toy, to make fun of you, and asks when you will understand this, that we always got pain from Shiv, neither he nor this dhanush baan is of any use. Just then they see a mountain piece about to fall on them, Sati fires the arrow at the mountain and it breaks. The mountain ashes fall on the ground. Sati takes the ashes and rubs on her forehead like Shiv used to apply bhasm on his body. He shouts telling that such thing doesn’t suit you. Sati asks did you see that the bel patra bow and arrow was of much use. Daksh says I have seen how Shiv wants to separate a daughter from her father. Sati looks at the Shivling and sees Shiv. Daksh asks if you have any question about Shiv, and says no question or answer is more than our relation, and says if any question is raised then it is the doubt in your heart. He asks her to ask what doubt she has? Sati nods nothing.

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Aditi comes there and tells that Inder is fighting with Asurs again. Daksh asks Sati to go to Palace and cleans ashes from her face. Sati comes to palace and thinks of Shiv. Prasuti asks her sevikas to remove ashes from her face. Sati stops them. Prasuti asks Sati why did she go to Kailash, even after knowing that he is your father’s enemy. Sati says she had gone there to know about Shiv. Prasuti asks her to remember that Daksh loves her very much. Sati says I should have asked you before going, but I went there myself. Prasuti asks where is your anklet? Sati searches for the anklet gifted by Daksh to her. Prasuti asks her not to lose her father’s trust. Shiv finds her anklet and picks it. Sati says what does Shiv wants, it was in my foot since my childhood, and I lost it. She comes to the Shivling and asks what is happening to her, when she wanted to ask different questions. Narad finds Shiv smiling looking at the anklet. Sati says today I came to meet you, and I lost it. She asks where is it? Shiv says I got it, as it belongs to me. Narad says if it is good to keep someone’s stuff with you, isn’t that stealing? Shiv tells that it is not of someone else. Sati says you was strange, when Pita ji gave you invitation for his daughter’s wedding, you didn’t come. She says you had fought with Vajrang to stop him from acquiring the Dev lok and then gave life to Maruts. She says when I came to Kailash, you hid and then came infront of me asking me to surrender. Shiv tells Narad that he has bear the pain of separation, but Sati will not bear such pain.

Sati says whom I am asking, this Shivling will not answer. Shiv drops the anklet, and it falls from the Shivling. Sati finds it and asks if he don’t want enmity, it doesn’t look like I will get my answers. She sits to wear it. Rohini comes there and says I will make you wear it. Sati gets happy seeing her, and asks Pita shri will be angry. Rohini says Pita shri gave me permission to come here. She asks Sati why is she smiling? Sati asks if your enemy come for war and if he surrenders and gives his weapon to you, then what does it mean? Rohini says either he is scared or loves his enemy. Sati says he is powerful and tells that why he will feel for his enemy. Rohini asks Sati about her feelings.

Sati is in dilemma and recalls Shiv’s words. Rohini asks about whom you are talking? Sati says enemy. Rohini asks Shiv? Sati says she was not asking about Shiv and says she was just asking about her imagination. Rohini says we have just Shiv as our enemy, and praises Shiv. Sati says you are praising Pita shri’s enemy. Rohini asks what do you mean? Sati asks her to go. She ties cloth above the Shivling and says don’t think that you are my friend, and tells that she don’t give pain to enemies without any reason, and is returning his favor as he saved Chandra Dev.

Shiv’s message: Shiv tells that the ashes are dear to him, as the body brightens up when it goes.

Precap: Rishi Durvasa curses all Devtas. The Devs goes to Shiv. Sati asks Daksh to end enmity with Shiv. Shiv says there is only one way Manthan.