Shiv Shakti 23rd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv takes Nandi to Kailash as his carrier

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The Episode starts with Sati walking in the jungle while her friends come behind her. Nandi tells his father that he wants to live his last time with Shivji. His father fears that the hrishivar’s words shall not come true. He recalls Rishi muni telling him that Nandi has just 100 days time and will die just as he turns 12. He hopes nothing happens to him. Nandi tells his father that he will do tilak on the Shivling. Sati comes to the place where she had talked to Nandi. She says Shivling was here only. They see the bhasm on the ground. Nandi ties the mauli on Shivling. His father asks why you are tying the Shivling. Sati asks the men sitting about Nandi. They ask if she doesn’t know that Shiv’s devotion is prohibited. Sati says she doesn’t accept King’s words. They tell that Nandi went that side to his hut.

Nandi sees Yamraj coming and tells his father. Yamraj comes there and asks him to remember his Gods. Nandi say he believes in Shiv and will die taking his name. He starts reciting the bhajan. Yamraj and his father get teary eyes hearing him. Nandi falls down while tying the mauli to the Shivling and the trishul falls down. Shiv ji appears there and blesses Nandi with his divine powers. Nandi gets up and starts singing bhajan with full enthusiasm. Yamraj and Nandi’s father are surprised. Nandi’s devotion makes Shiv teary eyes. Nandi folds his hand. Yamraj comes there and says I came for the work which you have assigned to me. Shiv says I haven’t come to interfere in your work, but came here for the devotion. He asks him to take him with Nandi. Yamraj asks how can I take you. Shiv says I shall protect Nandi, as it is his trust which is tied to Shivling, and says even Mahakaal can’t break this trust. He says people do jaap 108 times, but Nandi has brought my 1008 Shivling so that it can stay safe. He tells that he has always bear my burden on his back, not for duty, but to take care of me. He says this world wants me to protect me, and this boy has worked his life in my service and this is his devotion. He says even Mahakaal trishul can break this devotion. He says he feels blessed to be God of such a devotee. He says I am very happy with your Bhakti and asks what do you want? Nandi says I got you, I don’t need anything. Shiv says he don’t want his life, so how can I let you take him. Yamraj tells that his body and breaths time has ended here on the earth. Shiv tells them that he will take Nandi to kailash as the bull, and his carrier. He says people will worship him as his career. Yamraj says this is amazing, and this boy’s devotion is amazing too. He says we can’t come between you and this boy. He vanishes. Shiv asks Nandi to come to Kailash. Sati is coming there. Narad stops Shiv. Shiv says time has not come to meet Sati, this is not the right time. He leaves with Nandi.

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Sati asks Nandi’s father where is Nandi? Nandi’s father tells that Shiv took Nandi as his carrier. She asks why you didn’t stop him. He says I don’t have the courage to stop Shiv. Shiv brings Nandi to Kailash. The boys/Shiv ganns are grown up now. They ask if you brought him to take care of us. Shiv says he is rakshak and not sevak.

Sati asks Narad why Shiv took Nandi from here, and tells that Nandi has done his bhakti, and he did this in return. Narad says it is your perspective. Daksh comes there and says he was worried so came to see her. He sees the Shivling and says Shiv Bhakti was happening here behind my back. Sati tells him that Shiv took Nandi from here, and tells that from today he is my enemy too. She tells that she will bring Nandi back and she will fight with him. Daksh gets happy. Narad asks her how she will fight and provoke her to lift the trishul. Daksh asks her not to touch it and says it is also of Shiv. Narad provokes her to lift trishul. Sati tries, but couldn’t lift it. She swears that she will lift it and will give it to her father. Nandi tells the Shiv ganns about Sati, and tells that she is very innocent, threatens, talks sweetly etc. One of the Shiv Gann tells Nandi that the girl was Daksh’s daughter Sati, she is Shakti. Nandi is shocked and says I didn’t know that she was Shakti. They tell that they will give her gift, on her birthday. Nandi says it seems like you will take years to make the gift. Sati comes back to the trishul, but couldn’t hold it. She says one day I will challenge you holding this trishul, I will try to lift it daily. Shiv smiles.

Some years passes and she grows up to become young Sati. Shiv pats on the drums and Sati manages to lift his Trishul. Shiv beats the drum. Sati shouts Shiv…Shiv hears and gets happy. Sati asks him to see her power and says now I can lift this trishul, my power is equal to you now. She says I am ready to have enmity with you, this is my challenge to you. Shiv says love is hiding behind this challenge.

Shiv’s message: Shiv says you might have heard many people saying to work hard, but sometimes you don’t achieve the desired results. He says we shall aim on the result, and gets distracted from our doings, and asks the people to concentrate on their doings, rather than on their aim.

Precap: Daksh curses Chandra Dev to die. Chandra Dev’s condition is deteriorating. He asks Rohini to take him to Shiv. Sati asks if Shiv can save him. Rohini says he is Mahakaal. Shiv tells Chandra Dev that he will make him fine in 15 days.