Shaitani Rasmein 9th July 2024 Written Episode Update: The family gets the sign of Malik’s arrival

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The Episode starts with Nikki calling Piyush. Piyush/Malik kills the Servant and drinks his blood. Nikki comes out of the room. She sees the red light coming from Purani haveli and thinks nobody is there, then why the red light came again. Malik/Piyush comes to Purani haveli and tells Nethra that Piyush’s weak body, couldn’t bear the weight of his great soul. Baaldevi says you are not great soul, but disgusting soul and Piyush’s sacred body will try to throw your devil soul out of his sacred body and very soon you will look as Malik and not as Piyush. Malik says you will be pained here, and will yearn to come out from here, and tells Nethra that Nikki shall not reach Purani haveli searching me. Nethra says she can’t reach here. Nikki is about to enter purani haveli when she hears people screams, and runs from there. She sees Hariya’s hut burning. Hariya cries and tells that he was making God idols and the fire broke out. He says this is Malik’s effect. Nikki says Malik is dead and tells Hariya that he will get help from them. Jenny comes there and asks who is Malik? Nikki says Malik is dead.

Nethra tells Malik that Piyush’s body couldn’t bear his great soul and that’s why she will make a brand new body for him, which will bear his soul weight, and tells that until she makes, he shall be in Piyush’s body. She says soon, Shaitaani rasmein will begin too, to get your lost powers back. Malik laughs and tells Baaldevi that Nikki will do shaitaani rasmein and will bring Malik get back his powers.

Sumitra asks why Hariya’s hut has caught fire. Piyush comes home. Nikki asks where was you, last night. Piyush says where you was last night. He asks why you are asking me? He says he was at Hariya’s place all night and was helping him. Nikki says I didn’t see you. Piyush says they had surrounded me, you didn’t see me, and says everyone was talking, who wanted to harm us. Nikki says this is not Malik, and says once anyone dies, can’t return. Malik says if he is not Malik then he must be his servant. Nikki says whoever is doing this, I will search that person. Vikram says Nikki is right, Malik is dead, we all have seen, and says this is someone’s conspiracy against us. He asks Nikki to be happy and enjoy her marriage rituals. He says they have to feed poor people tomorrow. Sumitra says yes.

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Later Nikki’s friend asks her why phone network don’t come here. Nikki tells her about Malik, who is dead now. She hopes that nothing wrong will happen now. Nethra calls the crows and sends it to haveli and village. Vikram says this is the sign that Malik came. Nikki says no. Sumitra says then what it can be. The crows attack everyone and all the villagers. They attack a Servant and kills him. Nikki tries to save the man, but everyone stops her. The villagers run and sees Piyush standing. They ask him to help them. Piyush turns into Malik shocking them. He kills all the villagers and drink their blood. He says Nikki…my precious, you are going to meet Malik again. He brings the dead bodies to purani haveli. He chooses a dead body to use his skeleton to make his body, and asks Netra to choose if anything can be useful from the dead body. She says this guy’s skin is good. Malik says pull it and says he is feeling suffocated in Piyush’s body and wants his body. Nethra says surely.

Precap: Nikki says whoever is doing this, we will catch him. Nethra hypnotizes Suguna to do what she asks her to do.