Shaitani Rasmein 8th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Nikki finds the God’s idol missing

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Shaitani Rasmein 8th July 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Piyush telling Nikki that many baraatis are coming and from Goa, some friends are coming from the orphanage. Nikki gets happy and hugs him. Later, Nikki’s friends come to Bhurangarh and are welcomed by Nikki, Vikram and Sumitra. Suguna makes them wear the garland. Nikki asks them to come inside. The friend Anita tells Nikki that if she would have got such a handsome husband then she would have become his slave. Piyush/Malik thinks this is the start. Rachna asks Nikki what she will wear. Nikki says she will wear pink color clothes. She opens the wardrobe to find it empty. Rachna calls the Servant and asks about Nikki’s clothes. The Servant tells that they have taken all clothes to soak in salt water to ward off the negative energy from it, as told by Suguna Maayi. Nikki asks what I will wear now. Rachna finds a dress on the sofa and tells Nikki. Nikki sees the black dress and tells Rachna that it is the same dress. Rachna says this is the sign that Shaitaani power is here.

Nikki thinks she don’t want to think about it and tells that she will wear it, as she has nothing to wear. Sumitra comes there wearing black clothes and says only black blouse fitted her. Then her friends come and says they lost their stuff and only one bag was left which has black dresses. Nikki comes downstairs and sees Vikram and others in black. Everyone has their own story behind wearing black. Nikki hears the shaitaani song, but ignores it thinking to be positive. Vikram gives her wedding card and asks her to keep it infront of God’s idol, so that everything is auspicious. She pulls the curtain and finds the God’s idol missing. Vikram asks Bhavani where is the idol? Nikki asks whoever has taken it, tell me and says once it came here, it can’t go and asks where is the God’s idol.

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Malik/Piyush signs the guy who goes upstairs and jumps down from the balcony. Everyone panics. Piyush/Malik then signs a lady to kill herself. He then signs a man to kill himself with a sword. Everyone gets shocked. Malik/Piyush acts and asks who can do this in Bhurangarh. The guy says Malik is here, this is his effect on everyone. Everyone says the same. Nikki shouts no, and says this is not Malik. The guy says yesterday, we found the dead body and today….Nikki says Malik is dead, we saw his dead body. She says this is someone else, who wants to scare us taking Malik’s name, but we will not let this happen, as this is the same person who has stolen the God’s idol, and says we can’t make our trust end, which we have on our God. She says she will find the guilty person and will make her/him reach the end. Malik Piyush goes from there. Nikki keeps the card on the place where she had placed the idol and thinks to talk to Piyush, thinks who is doing this.

Malik/Piyush goes to the room and comes to his true form. Nikki is coming there. Malik gets Dracula teeth and roars. A servant sees him, whom Malik kills. Nikki comes there and Malik is standing with the Servant’s dead body.

Precap: Many crows attacked Bhurangarh. Vikram says this is the sign that Malik returned. The witch Netra looks on.