Shaitani Rasmein 10th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Hypnotized Suguna makes Nikki do shaitani rasmein

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The Episode starts with Nikki telling that someone is doing this and using our fear for their own advantage. Nethra is doing the Tantrik vidhi to make Body for Malik’s soul. Vikram tells that this can’t be done by an ordinary person, you have seen the people taking their lives in our palace, and that thousands of crows attack, it can’t be planned by any human. Nethra laughs. Sumitra says this is done by Malik, then who else can do this, who can be more powerful than him. Piyush/Malik comes there and tells Vikram that people are running and there is death everyone. The villagers come there and tell that they have become homeless, they have bear Malik’s angst. Nikki says Malik is dead. The villager says we didn’t see his death. Vikram asks if we have lied? The villager asks then who is responsible for this. Nikki says we don’t know right now, but we will find out, but for now, we can say that this is not Malik. The villager says stop it, you have lied much. He says nothing had happened to us, when we were in Malik’s shelter, and since she came, a storm of troubles came on us. Vikram shouts at them. The villagers blame Nikki and says their people are killed due to her. Piyush/Malik asks Vikram to come inside. He thinks Nethra get ready for the next attack, my Ghulams shall not get a chance to escape.

Suguna is walking in the jungle, when Nethra attacks her and hypnotizes her. She says you got my bad sight, now you will do as I say. Suguna nods her head. Vikram tells the villagers that they have not lied and whatever they said was truth. Suguna comes there and shouts asking them to stop, and says it is not Choti bahu or Raj family’s mistake. She says after the sinner went, this is his effect and to get rid of it, we have to do a small rasam to make everything fine. Nikki asks Rasam? Suguna explains to her about it and says Nikki has to do it herself. Malik/Piyush smiles. Nikki tells that she don’t want to do any wrong rasam. Malik/Piyush acts to support her, and says if anyone tries to force her, then we will leave. Vikram asks Nikki to understand and says we thought that everything will be fine after Malik died, but nothing is fine. Sumitra also tries to convince her. Nikki says I can give my life on your sayings, but seems like it is a plan, so that we do this thing. Prateik agrees with her, but we have to do it for our people. Suguna says this is not Shaitani rasam, but a sacred rasam. Malik/ Piyush holds her hand and says I am with you in your decision.

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Nikki along with Suguna are going to do the rasam. Nikki has the feeling that she is going to do shaitaani rasam. Suguna takes Nikki and others out, and asks Nikki to bury the first Kalash here. Nikki buries it Then after walking to a distance, they bury another Kalash. Nikki walks again along with others. Suguna gives her kalash. Nikki thinks this is reminding her of Bhurangarh where she had come for the first time. After the 7th pot is buried. Suguna says the sacred line is made. Nethra looks at Piyush and congrats him. She says those 7 kalash are burieed, it is your turn. He puts hand on the kalash and gets all the powers from all the kalash. He says they made Shaitani place for me, and now nobody can go out of Bhurangarh, and nobody can come inside. He says only Malik rules in Bhurangarh again. He asks Nethra to go to haveli and make the Ghulams do Shaitaani rasmein. Nethra says I am eagerly waiting, but I can’t go inside, until they call me. Malik says they will call you, shouting and asks her to wait and watch.

Precap: Someone finds the human finger in the food in the palace. A man dies. Nikki says whoever is doing this, shall come infront. Malik smiles. Nethra walks in shocking everyone.