Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav gets Siya arrested

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 7th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Viraj apologizing to Siya and says sorry about this, but I came to help you. Siya asks did we ask for your help and if anyone called you. Viraj says my daughter called me to help you. A fb is shown, Khushi sees Raghav theatening Sushma and calls Viraj asking him to help Siya Maasi if he wants her to return to him. Viraj agrees to her. fb ends. Janardhan apologizes to Raghav and says he was forced to file the Police complaint. Raghav says it is ok. Viraj tells Unniyal that Siya’s suffering will increased. He says Siya can fight with Raghav, but can’t win from him. Unniyal says Siya got inner strength now. Viraj says it is of no use, until she seeks my help. Janardhan apologizes to him. Raghav says you was doing your duty. Unniyal asks if you will make Siya understand. Viraj asks if anyone can make the woman understand and tells that once she falls then she will understand and then will come under our shelter. Unniyal says if she doesn’t come then? Viraj says that means Siya is in big mistake and needs my help. Raghav tells his mother that Siya made her witness and asks if you will risk your son’s life for bahu. He asks her to go. Raghav’s mother says Siya is lying. Raghav laughs and says case is dismissed. Janardhan says I will tell that witnessed refused. Raghav says the matter is not yet over. He says everyone likes me on social media and says even you like me, and asks him to do something. Janardhan asks what? Raghav thinks he didn’t want to play the game, but Siya wanted, so lets play. He hits his head on the wall, injures his hand and then asks Janardhan to hit on his nose. Janardhan refuses. Raghav insists. Janardhan hits on his nose. Raghav says Siya does domestic violence with me, and asks him to file case against her.

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Janardhan brings Siya to the PS and tells that Raghav has filed FIR against her, for domestic violence and asks her to either return home or get in the lock up. Raghav waits for Siya to come, and has planned to welcome Siya. Rajendra comes there and tells him that Siya has taken the other option, and chosed to be in the lock up. He tells that Siya has become Durga now and will not leave you. Raghav says so I am Rakshas? Siya tells that he has played many games with him and says now she will play, and says game is on. Rajendra warns Raghav,not to come infront of Siya and spits on his face before going. Raghav wipes it and gets angry.

He throws the flower petals plate and destroys the decorations. He says you have challenged me, Raghav Jindal. He says the game is on. Viraj tlls Unniyal that the game is on from both sides, and says whoever will win, but he will be happy with Khushi. Viraj asks Unniyal to play with baby’s doll.

Siya thinks I have to fight with Raghav to be happy with my life. Rajendra is walking on the road and recalls Dadi’s words. He recalls Raghav filing physical abuse case on Siya. Just then a truck comes and hits Rajendra. Rajendra dies on the spot.

Tushar comes running to the PS and shouts Didi. Siya asks why you are crying? Tushar says papa met with an accident and he is no more. Siya shouts Papa. She feels pain in her tummy and falls down. Tushar shouts Didi.

Precap: Siya prays in the hospital temple asking Goddess to give her Durga’s avatar, so that she can teach all men that may be a woman wouldnt change her avatar, but Shakti changes her avatar. She plays the shank. Viraj says I dont have personal enmity with you Raghav, but I am going to enjoy this.