Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dadi gets kidnapped

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 7th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with DCP telling Siya that he didn’t see such a murder cover before. Siya asks what you are saying and tells that you think my pain and tears as fake. He says he will tell the entire story to her. He says you have murdered Raghav and then blasted his body and said that he died. He says first you all killed Raghav in his own house, and then distracted Police with acid drama and they moved surveillance from the house. He says just as it was moved, you moved the body from there and started drama that your husband is missing. He says it was all set up. Siya asks what and says you got the DNA test done. DCP says yes and tells that they didn’t do the gender test. He says I didn’t know that Raghav’s mother had left the house and remarried someone and had a daughter. He says it was not Raghav, but his step sister under the bandage. He says all the family members was involved in the murder and there was an entire army/team to cover up the murder, that doctor, reporter and driver. He says then you did the drama and used Viraj to explode the cylinder using my gun. Siya says your story is good, you don’t have any proofs. He says you have left no proofs, but has hired many people for the execution of your plan. She says once I get a weak person, my story will be hit and your face will be on every news channel…murderer. He says I just don’t want to punish you, but wants to get snatch my spotless reputation which you have taken from me.

Viraj and Siya are in Raghav’s office. Viraj says you have to handle the office and business now. Siya says I don’t want to handle. Viraj says you have to handle it if you want or not, and says I am there to help you. Siya says she used to handle her Papa’s small business, and says if I need help then you are with me to teach me, and says I will do mistake and rectify it, but will not stop in life race. She says she don’t anyone rights or responsibility and don’t want anything related to Raghav. She says when he couldn’t become mine, why to accept his things. Dadi finds the letter and thinks someone was watching me. She thinks she will not tell this to Siya. She says she will give her gold bangles, and FD and says she will give that, but if he doesn’t agree and says greedy people don’t agree.

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Siya says she is here because of this business. She says Raghav trapped her using his business. Viraj says this business has no caretaker and you have to take over. He says you have right over it. Siya recalls Raghav torturing her and says she has no right on it, and says Raghav’s mother and sister will handle his business. Raghav’s mother tells that they will handle altogether. She says she has two daughters now. Viraj thinks family is completed here, but what to do with Khushi, she wants Siya and him.

Watchman calls Dadi and asks when she will give money. Dadi refuses to give him money. He asks if she wants to go to jail. Dadi says I will go, but will not give. She ends the call and thinks if she did the mistake. Siya makes Raghav’s mother sit on the chair and says everything related to Raghav is yours now. Khushi messages Viraj and asks him what they have decided.

DCP talks to Nandini and tells that there is an army to cover up Raghav’s murder and save Siya. She asks why did he call her? He says when he went home, he felt lonely and felt how she used to feel. He says I distanced myself from you, while regretting for not saving our son. He says we might separate on paper and physically, but heart relations don’t end this way. He says you don’t have to face media again. Nandini asks him to stop running behind the case. DCP says he had promised his son that he will not let criminal go.

Viraj and Siya come home with Raghav’s mother and Risha. They find the door open. Viraj asks where is security? Tushar comes home and says he had gone to get the medicine. Viraj asks why did you leave dadi and khushi alone. They start searching for them. Siya hears Khushi calling from cupboard. She opens the cupboard and finds Khushi tied up. She takes her out and makes her drink water. Khushi tells her that two men had come and kidnapped Dadi. Viraj asks who were they? Khushi says she doesn’t know. Siya finds the blackmailer’s letter.

Precap: Siya says she will not let anything happen to Dadi. Khushi cries and asks Siya if her drawing will be completed. She runs and falls down from the stairs. Siya shouts Khushi.