Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 30th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Viraj asking Siya why she is not fine? Siya agrees that she is not fine and tells that Raghav is not just dead, but my trust and love also died, which I did on one. She says I had forgotten all the world for him, as he was my world. She says I came out of his fear, but may be I can’t come out of the pain given by him. She says he had made this mangalsutra as the neck handcuff. She breaks it and says all the relations and feelings are over now, then also I am not fine. She tells that if you trap a bird for long and then open the cage then the bird doesn’t know where to fly away? She says I am just running without any aim. Viraj asks her to continue running and don’t stop, and says if you stop then will fall down. He asks her to go wherever life is taking you. He says if you fall then you have to get up and run. He asks her not to worry and asks her to take care of Khushi and he will take care of her family and her. Siya thanks him for whatever he has done for her, and tells that you taught me and became my mentor, and helped me as a friend. He says I didn’t do any favor on you, you helped me and I helped you.

Unniyal comes to his car and finds someone knocking from the car decky. He opens the car decky and finds the tied girl. He asks who is she? Just then Avinash comes there and tells Unniyal that he is under arrest for kidnapping a lady inspector. Unniyal says I didn’t do anything. Avinash says I know, but law doesn’t know. The lady inspector acts.

Avinash asks him to tell about Viraj and Siya. Siya tells Viraj that Khushi’s therapy is good. Viraj says but DCP will not be quiet, and tells that he has 25 years experience, and has never lost the case. Siya says what could be his plan? Viraj says who cares, and tells that he has one strategy to win the case, that he shall make any one of us to confess. Siya says yes. Viraj says lets see who will be his first target. Avinash tells that he is waiting. Unniyal tells that it is difficult to catch Siya and the great Viraj Dobriyal. He says Viraj must have thought to plan before you. Avinash says I am DCP and asks him to come. Viraj says he has found his weakness and shows Avinash and Arjun’s photo. He says he is his dead son, and tells that his wife left him due to his issues. He says one thing is common between us, that wives left us. He says his pain, our strength. Siya asks if you will play with his emotions. Viraj says no, I don’t do that, I want to get them back together, and says we will go to her, and she will say so much about him, you know information. He asks if you are ready to go to DCP’s wife. Siya says yes.

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Avinash is having icecream in the PS, while Unniyal is made to stand with ice bags inside his clothes and water packets tied on his clothes. Avinash puts the ice cube in his mouth. He gets a call and goes.

Siya meets Nandini and says I know your relation with Avinash. She says I have come to talk to you, as only a woman can understand other woman’s pain. Avinash comes there and asks Siya if you came to threaten my wife, so that I can leave the case. Siya says I came to tell that nobody is untouchable. Avinash asks Siya to stay away from his wife. Siya asks him to stay away from her family, and tells that Media is standing, be careful. She says she came to help Police and say that her husband is alive.

She then tells Media that she is helping Police to search her husband and announces 10 crores reward to the person who gets info about Raghav. She says that whoever gets the inform, shall update DCP. DCP asks why you are giving my number to the media. Siya says so that you get the credit to solve the case. DCP goes. Siya smiles.

Dadi imagines Raghav and stabs him. Tushar calls her. Dadi realizes that she is hallucinating about Raghav and asks herself to handle. The Police Station’s phone starts ringing. Inspector says Siya has ruined their dept name. Avinash asks her to pull out Unniyal skin and make him confess. Inspector says he is not opening his mouth. Unniyal says she has understood, but you haven’t understood and says you can’t win over Siya, and says when woman’s soul is injured deep inside, then she has no fear to hide or lose, and when someone’s fears are over, then she can go to any length to win. He asks him to understand and leave him. Inspector gets him beaten up.

Precap: DCP gets frustrated and says they have to follow every lead. Inspector says we can’t ignore the lead and tells that it might be useful lead. A constable comes there and says someone met with an accident and the phone with the person is of Raghav Jindal.