Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Viraj falls prey to Risha’s conspiracy

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 25th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Dadi and Tushar coming to Siya’s house. Siya hugs Dadi. Raghav’s mother and Khushi greets them. Siya asks where is Maa? Tushar says she had gone somewhere. Dadi says she had gone to temple. She says we have left note for her and says she will come here once she comes home. Khushi says they shall dance. They begin dancing on the song London Thumakda…Risha goes to Siya’s room and says you celebrate your wedding news and I will celebrate your death news. She says this is a smoke bomb, just as you smell it, you will get heart attack and will die. She says nobody will know that Siya died after inhaling this poisonous gas, but will think that she has died of heart attack. She lights the smoke bomb and comes to the hall. She spills juice on Siya’s clothes and says sorry. Siya says its ok and goes to wash her saree. Raghav’s mother asks Risha to bring juice as she made it falls down. Risha argues. She sees Siya going and recalls that she was slapped by her mother, and the credit card blocked, and Siya and her mother’s decision to donate everything to old age home and orphanage. She says now you can die peacefully, you will be dying there and we will be celebrating your death here. Viraj comes home and asks where is Khushi? Tushar says she is in Siya’s room. Viraj goes. Risha brings juice. Raghav’s mother asks Unniyal to have juice. Unniyal says just now I had food. Risha thinks Siya must be inside the room, and gas will be releasing soon. He thinks to lock the door from outside. She locks the door and says now enjoy your death. Viraj doesn’t see Khushi in the room, and is about to come out, when the door is locked.

Risha comes back and says they shall dance. They begin dancing. Viraj calls Unniyal, but Unniyal is dancing. Viraj knocks on the door. Risha hears the door sound. Viraj sees smoke coming and coughs. Risha sees Siya and Khushi coming there. She says you came so soon. Siya says I got late, and tells that Khushi took her to her room and gave her gift as surprise. Risha thinks whose shadow, I have seen there. Khushi asks Unniyal, where is Papa? Unniyal says he went to Siya’s room for you. Khushi says he didn’t come. Siya says I will check. Viraj says Viraj Dobriyal can’t die like this, someone has tried to kill me. He breaks the door and comes outside, and falls. Siya and Khushi hold him and asks what happened? Unniyal goes inside and finds the smoke bomb. He says it was poisonous gas and someone tried to kill you. He says he is someone from one of us.

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Later Siya talks to the Doctor and tells that he has taken out poison from Viraj’s body. He says he will be fine in a week. Khushi says I will talk to Papa and goes. Dadi says we will go. Unniyal tells that nobody will go, and tells that someone did this purposely. He says Doctor said that Prabhu could get heart attack and would have died on the spot. Dadi asks if are Viraj’s enemy? Unniyal says it will be known after the investigation. He says Prabhu asked me not to call Police, but I am here to investigate, he don’t have uniform, but his mind is still of police officer. He says I will find the culprit and the culprit can’t be saved from my eye sight. Siya says if you are loyal to Viraj, then we are his family. She asks if my family and I will try to kill my would be husband. Unniyal says sometimes circumstances changes. Siya thinks if he came to know that I am doubting Viraj. She asks why did Viraj go there? Tushar says when he came, he was searching Khushi, so I told that she is in your room. Siya says I was about to go to my room, but Khushi stopped me and we were in her room. Unniyal realizes and tells Siya that the smoke bomb was not for Prabhu, but for you. Tushar says the culprit wanted to kill Didi, and Viraj went there by mistake. Siya tells that target was me, if Khushi had not taken me from there, then I would have been in hospital or would have died by now. She says who wants to kill me. Raghav’s mother says the culprit must be outsider and says we are ready to die for each other. Unniyal says I will search the culprit, he/she is one among us. He looks at everyone’s faces, and looks at Risha. Risha moves back.

Precap: Risha comes downstairs in the night. She sees someone going from behind her. Raghav’s mother wakes up and thinks how did Rishi wake up early than me. She goes out and gets shocked seeing something, and shouts Risha and cries.