Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 23rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Siya decides to donate Raghav’s wealth to needy

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 23rd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Siya coming to Rajendra’s house. She asks Dadi how is she? Dadi asks if someone stopped you on the way. Siya says why anyone will stop me. Dadi asks her to ask Media why they are giving wrong news. Siya says she didn’t give this news to Media, but it is truth. Dadi gets shocked. Tushar asks if Viraj is forcibly you and asks her to say. Sushma asks why did you agree to marry him. Siya tells that she convinced Viraj to marry her, and tells that Khushi is small and needs a mother. Dadi tells that people is calling her with bad names. Siya thinks she can’t tell them that she wants to find her father’s murderer, but can’t tell them. She thinks she doesn’t care for herself. she thinks if the murderer was Raghav, then he was punished, but if he is Viraj then I will get him punished and have to do this act to reach the truth.

Unniyal watches news of Siya and Viraj’s marriage decision. He says someone wants to separate you from Viraj, but you want to marry him. He says I want to separate you both and you are coming closer to my prabhu. He says he had killed your father then also you want to marry him. She says you want to walk on this way, then walk, but I have to change my way and break this marriage anyhow. Siya comes home with tears in her eyes. Raghav’s mothers sees eggs on her. She tries to wipe her clothes and says they shall call Police. Siya says until when Police will be called and says the people’s taunts will go on and the society is having problem with women also. She says they shall stand quietly. Raghav’s mother tells that they can come inside. Siya says someone is leaking the news and tells that they have to catch her. Risha is happy that Siya is humiliated by the people. She says I wish I would have taken her photo and got it framed here. She says she is so happy and shall celebrate. She says she will order wine and cake, but the payment is declined. She calls customer care and asks the guy why her cards are not working. The customer care guy says all her cards are blocked. Risha is shocked.

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Next day, Lawyer is leaving from Siya’s house. Siya thanks him for coming on short notice. Risha comes there and asks why Lawyer had come. Raghav’s mother says they have taken a decision and that’s why called lawyer to make the legal papers. Siya tells her that Maa and I have decided to give all Raghav’s money and property to orphanage and old age home. Risha asks who does this? Raghav’s mother tells that people are calling her greedy. She says once we give away the wealth, people will stop calling her with bad names. Risha thinks she will not let Siya give away Raghav’s property to anyone.

Siya shows engagement card to Khushi. Khushi gets happy and calls her Maa. Tushar shows invitation card to Dadi and they have to go. Dadi refuses. Tushar convinces her. Raghav’s mother feels happy that Siya is getting married. Risha thinks to humiliate Siya so much and says destruction will happen. Viraj vents out his frustration, and his innerself tells that whoever loves his wife, don’t remarries. Viraj says he can do anything for his daughter and says he stayed away from her for 12 years. His innerself says you are cheat and have betrayed many. Unniyal comes there and tells that Siya and Khushi called him for the function. Viraj asks him to inform them that he is coming and asks him to go. Unniyal goes. Viraj shouts.

Precap: Risha plans to kill Siya and keeps smoke bomb in Siya’s room. She then comes out and spills juice on her clothes. Siya goes to clean it. Risha locks the door and asks her to die.