Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Siya’s decision for her family’s protection

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 20th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Raghav calling Siya and telling Viraj, you got your daughter back, and asks him to give Siya to him, else he will do the same thing with his daughter again. Viraj says Raghav has gone mad. Siya says if anyone sees Raghav’s condition now, then will think that he is right and I am wrong. She says the person can feel my pain who went through the same pain as me. Raghav is worried for Siya and calls her. She recalls his tortures, and says if cage someone in the trap then you can just cage him and not yours. She says she used to yearn in pain every day like Raghav now. She says she used to be punished daily and she couldn’t understand why. She says there is not much difference between love and obsession. She says thinking obsession to be love is the start of toxic relationship. She says to be obsessed with someone and to get her/him is not love, to show right on someone is not love, she says to punish someone in the name of teaching is not love, as love is just love. Viraj thinks of Jhanvi. He says they shall solve ACP Riya’s matter. They go there. ACP gains consciousness and asks where is Rashmi, and who are you both? Viraj and Siya come there in disguise with masks on their faces. Siya asks her to close Raghav and Siya’s case. ACP refuses. Viraj threatens to her showing her parents and blind sister’s pic. Siya stops Viraj and tells that they just wants her to close the case. Viraj says we are good citizen and has called the Police here for her help. Siya asks her to cooperate with them and says they will not disappoint her. Viraj and Siya come out from there. Siya says how we will complete our mission. Viraj says by trusting self, and says with practicality and lot of sensibility. Siya says Raghav might reach us weakness, like we reached him. Viraj says we will make them as our strength.

Siya comes home and asks them to pack their bags. She says we are leaving. Rashmi refuses to go. Siya convinces her. Rashmi agrees unwillingly. Sushma asks where we will go? Siya takes them to Ragahv’s house. She says Raghav can never know that they are here, and tells that only she knows about them being here. Raghav’s mother says even she knows. Siya says she is with us, and asks them not to use their smart phones and don’t post anything on social media. Rashmi gets upset. Tushar says he will keep an eye on her. Siya tells that within 7 days, her seven rounds will end.

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Khushi recalls how Viraj was crying when she was unwell and asking her not to leave him. Viraj asks if everything is fine. Khushi says yes and asks him to close his eyes. She makes him wear the bracelet. He says it is most precious gift for him. She hugs him. He says he loved it. She says she likes whatever he does for Siya and her. Viraj says I can fight with anyone for you, and says nobody messes with you or me. He asks about her watch which he gifted her. Khushi gives him watch. Viraj makes her wear it. Khushi asks if Siya Maasi will be free from Raghav. Viraj says yes, she will be happy. Khushi says she heard from Dadi that it is difficult for a woman to live alone. Viraj says but your Maasi is very strong and will get a good guy. Khushi asks why you didn’t remarry? He says he loves Jhanvi always and tells that he is a one woman man. He says nobody can love her like him. Khushi says there is one such person and says Siya maasi. Viraj looks at Siya who has just come.

ACP comes to Siya’s house and says someone threatened me and made this case as personal. Siya and Viraj are watching her. ACP asks the constables to search Siya’s family. Siya says honest ACP Riya and says the honesty doesn’t bend down or break. Viraj says we don’t have 7 days. Siya says we have to hurry up and shall get the work done now itself. Rashmi thinks to open her phone and check her friends’ message. She takes the phone secretly to message her friend. ACP is getting the phone tracked. Rashmi messages her friend. ACP says Siya is clever and her sister is foolish. Rashmi thinks she will think about herself and will shake hands with Raghav. She thinks Raghav doesn’t harm the loyal persons. The constables tell that the location couldn’t be tracked, but the area is found. ACP comes to Raghav’s house and asks constables to break the door. Raghav’s mother asks them to come to a place and says they can’t search them there. Raghav sees a guy coming to the room with injection. The guy injects him. Viraj says truth serum will show its affect now.

Precap: Raghav asks Siya to return. Siya says I can return on a condition. Raghav asks what? Siya says if you have loved me ever then for my soul peace, please confess all your misdeeds, and give us mukti. She says Raghav…..please.