Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Khushi gets critical

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 17th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Tushar asking the men who are they? The guy says we knocked on the door mistakenly. Light comes back. Viraj and Siya come there. Viraj hugs Khushi. Dadi says men get emotional for daughters, and says father and daughter’s relation are special. Siya hugs Khushi and thinks even she wanted a daughter, but. Viraj smiles seeing Khushi. The lady ACP asks Rashmi to say the truth if she don’t want her arrest. Rashmi says my Jiju Raghav Jindal is an abusive man, and tells that they didn’t know before, Dadi came to know first. She tells about the torture which Siya went through and tells that Raghav used to threaten her taking their names. She says Siya came to take help of Police, but the Police arrested her instead. ACP says I feel bad for whatever happened with your sister, but I can’t let anyone take law in their hands. She asks where is she? Rashmi says I will take you there.

Khushi tells Viraj and Siya that she is fine. Tushar tells that some guys had come to their house mistakenly. Raghav says tick tok….Viraj says we can’t take risk and asks Khushi to come with him, asks if her bags are packed. Khushi says yes and goes to get her bags. Just then Khushi sees a drone which emits poisonous gas on her face. It goes. Khushi faints and falls down. Viraj asks Khushi to open her eyes and asks someone to call the doctor. Tushar goes to call the doctor. Viraj asks her to wake up. Raghav says even I am going to be a father, so I don’t want anyone to lose their child, and says if you touch my siya or harm her, then I will harm your daughter, and laughs. He says I know you will come to me.

Doctor comes and checks Khushi. Viraj asks what happened? Doctor tells that it seems she has inhaled poisonous gas. Viraj asks him to give the antidote. Doctor says the person might know it, who knows about it. Viraj says Raghav…He says I will go and get antidote from him. He says he will kill him. Siya tells that if you kill Raghav then Khushi will die too. Viraj says don’t say that and says it is your fault. Khushi’s condition is worsened as she turns red. Doctor asks them to get the antidote fast.

Raghav gets a box, and finds projector. He says you might want to show me the film, and asks him to send popcorn. Viraj asks him to tell the antidote, and tells that he has taken out khushi’s blood which he will inject to Siya. Siya is seated on the chair as if she is kidnapped by Viraj, and shouts Raghav, our baby. Raghav asks him not to touch Siya.

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Viraj says if my daughter is not saved, then your wife will not be saved too. He asks him to tell the antidote. Raghav says I will tell you. Siya pretends to faint. Viraj asks Raghav to send antidote to him right now. They come home. Viraj asks Doctor how is she? Doctor says he gave some medicine to her for time being. Viraj says nothing shall happen to his daughter, antidote will be coming. Siya says she is very strong. Viraj recalls Khushi’s words and the time he has spent with her. Siya also recalls moments with her.

ACP asks Rashmi why she is making her roam and asks if she knows anything or not. Rashmi says I know, I don’t want to get involved in such matters, I have to live my life. ACP asks where is she? Rashmi takes the rod and hits on ACP’s head. She faints. Rashmi calls Tushar and asks him to give call to Siya. Siya takes the call. Rashmi asks her to come to the location, and tells that she is stuck in the problem due to her, and says if she don’t come then she will reveal all her secrets to her. Viraj asks Siya to go there and be alert. Siya comes there and sees ACP tied on the chair. She asks who did this. Rashmi says I did and says I didn’t have any option, and says she was threatening to arrest me and put me in jail, if I don’t tell your truth to her. Siya says she is ACP. Rashmi tells that you have killed Tyagi, I made her unconscious. Siya tells that it was an accident, we didn’t kill him. Rashmi asks Siya to take her out of this problem. Siya thinks what to do? Viraj asks Khushi not to leave him, and just stay with him.

Precap: Viraj tells Raghav that he will not be quiet and threatens to take revenge from him. He covers white cloth on Siya’s head and says your Jaan’s jaan is gone. Raghav says nothing can happen to Siya. Viraj says say goodbye to your jaan.