Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 16th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Raghav coughing in the locked room. Raghav coughing in the locked room. Song plays….He recalls his moments with Siya, as he falls and faints. He recalls Siya asking him to open his eyes, and gets up, says that he has to get up, he has to save Siya and shouts her name. Viraj says next level and sends snake inside the room. Raghav says if you wanted to kill me then would have made me drink poison, and says I know that you want to torture me. Snake bites Raghav on his neck. Siya says Raghav can’t die so easily. Viraj says let him die. Siya says she is not doing this for her fun, but she wants to kill him daily, and says he can’t die so easily. Viraj asks her to fulfill her revenge and says it was our plan. He asks if he had concern for you, when he did wrong with you. Siya goes to Raghav wearing mask and gives him antidote injection. She gives him injection. Raghav gains consciousness and tries to pull her mask. Viraj comes there and throws stick on his head, and Raghav faints before pulling her mask out. Viraj and Siya go from there. Viraj asks if he saw your head. Siya says don’t know.

In the morning, Raghav wakes up and finds bracelet with Khushi written on it. He realizes Viraj is behind it and shouts Viraj Dobriyal, I know who you are? He says I knew it, my friend or say my enemy. He says I don’t know why you become my partner, may be you are jealous of me, as I am better than you. Viraj says not in this lifetime. Raghav says you might have look at my wife secretly. Viraj tells Siya that her husband’s thoughts are cheap like him. Raghav tells Viraj that if his eyes are on Siya then he will not leave him. He says you have just one hour, if you don’t take me out from here, and give my Siya back to me, then you will lose your someone. Viraj shouts at him and says you shall not do anything to my daughter. Siya says may be he is talking about someone else. Viraj says he is talking about Khushi. Siya says I will call Khushi. Khushi thinks to make Viraj wear the bracelet with her name, and thinks this will be the first gift from me for my Papa. She says Siya maasi and Papa are important for me, and I want them to stay together. She says bracelet was nice on Siya Maasi.

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Raghav tells that he is here, but his men are outsiders. Viraj tells Siya that Raghav will do something. Siya says he is playing mind games with us and says he is not bluffing. Viraj says he don’t think anything now, and tells that Khushi is important for him. Siya calls Khushi. Khushi picks the call. She tells Viraj that she is coming to him with Tushar. She says when he can change for her so much then she shall change too. Viraj says no and asks her not to go out of house. Siya asks her to close the door. Khushi asks if something happened. Viraj and Siya say no. He says we are coming there. Khushi says they are over worried for her. Siya tells Viraj that until they return, they shall not let Raghav peace, and releases gas in his room. Raghav laughs and says bring it on.

Rashmi talks to someone and says her boyfriend is not picking the call being worried. She says her destiny is bad. The friend says I came out with you so that you change your mind. Rashmi says yes. He drops coffee on her hand mistakenly and he blows on her hand. ACP Riya comes there and asks if they are romancing on road. The guy says no. ACP Riya asks if he will also come with them. He goes. ACP Riya holds Rashmi’s hand to take her from there. Raghav thinks he gave 24 hours time to his team. Dadi asks Khushi to come often. Khushi says everyone wants more happiness. She asks where is Rashmi Di? Dadi says she will come before you go. Tushar is about to take their selfie, when light goes and someone knocks on the door. Tushar opens the door. Viraj and Siya are in the car. Raghav says lets play the game.

Precap: Khushi faints and falls down. Doctor tells Viraj that she has inhaled dangerous gas. Siya asks what is the medicine? Viraj says Raghav . Raghav asks Viraj to give Siya and take Khushi, as he only knows the antidote.