Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Sushma’s weird behavior stresses Siya

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 13th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Khush taking blindfolded Viraj and Siya to the room, and tells that this is picnic spot. She says she has made it, so that they have picnic. She says she didn’t go out till now for Morning, so she thought to go on a picnic with them here. She asks Viraj to make Mummy have it. Viraj asks Mummy, there is still time for marriage. She forces them to make each other have the snacks. Viraj says Siya is on diet. Khushi asks Siya if she has any problem. Siya says no. Khushi thinks she wants them to tell her the truth, that they lied to her.

Siya’s mother tells that she is feeling so nice after the long time. She opens the cupboard to keep the clothes, when someone knocks on the door. Siya and Viraj are about to make each other have the snacks. Sushma opens the door, but there is nobody outside. She turns inside and sees the cupboard closing by itself. She shouts seeing something. Viraj and Siya get up hearing her shouting, and Viraj asks Khushi to sit there itself. Khushi gets upset. They come to Sushma and see her sitting scared. Sushma tells Siya that she has seen Raghav’s ghost. Viraj asks Dadi and Raghav’s mother to take her outside for some fresh air. Siya says there was someone here surely. Viraj says he is going to kill that person.

Siya is sleeping sitting on the chair. She gets flashes of Raghav torturing her. Just then someone comes there and tries to suffocate her neck. She says Raghav…I am sorry, leave me. Then she handles herself and thinks it is her imagination. She hears Sushma’s scream and runs out. Dadi, Raghav’s mother, Risha and Tushar come to her. Dadi asks why you are lying here. Viraj sends Khushi to the room. Sushma opens her eyes. Siya asks what happened to you. Sushma starts talking as the ghost and points finger at everyone, says you have killed me. She pushes Siya and says Siya…you have killed me. She says I will not leave you and attacks Siya. Viraj holds her. Tushar brings rope and ties on her hands. Sushma falls and then she gets normal, and asks what happened here? Siya says you don’t remember. She says nothing has happened. Sushma asks Tushar to free her hands. She asks how did I come here? Siya says you came here while walking in sleep. Tushar takes her to room.

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Later Viraj tells Unniyal about Sushma’s weird and aggressive behavior like men. He says then she forgot. Unniyal asks him to think and says you will remember. Viraj slaps him and tells that Aunty had forgotten and his sixth sense is saying that someone is making her say all this. He asks Unniyal to keep an eye on Sushma. Unniyal goes. Siya comes there. Risha comes behind her and asks her to see the investment plan. Siya tells that she can’t see right now and says you know maa’s condition. Risha insists. Siya asks her to says. Risha says it is investment plan and says the money will be doubled. Siya says this is fraud. Risha argues that why they will do cheat. Viraj says I have done so much business and knows that such people are fraud and the investment will be duped. Raghav’s mother asks Risha to drop the idea, and goes.

Siya tells Viraj that she made Maa and Khushi slept. Viraj asks her to go and take rest. Risha thinks why Siya is taking decision, when we have decided that we will do the business altogether. Khushi is awake and upset, and thinks her plan flopped. She thinks she will execute another plan so that Siya and Viraj can’t be saved. Siya comes to wash her face, when she sees blood coming out of the tap. She shouts calling Viraj. Viraj comes there. Siya says blood was coming from the tap and my eyes. Viraj says there is nothing inside, and says you are imagining.

Precap: Siya asks Viraj if I am going mad? Viraj says not at all, and says whatever is happening with you is not just happening with you only. He says what is seen is not visible, and I am see what is behind it. Siya asks if Raghav’s ghost is here.