Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Siya rescues Dadi

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 11th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Pandit ji telling that the marriage mahurat is not of January. Siya signs him. He then says February…Viraj signs him. Pandit ji says marriage mahurat is good in march. Khushi says it will be good, and says three months later. Siya asks khushi to let Pandit ji complete his words first. Pandit ji asks if this marriage mahurat is good. Viraj says yes. Siya tells Pandit ji that she will drop him outside. Khushi thinks now marriage will happen after 4 months. Siya drops Pandit ji outside and sees watchman going out secretly from there. She gets doubtful and follows him. DCP waits for blackmailer to come. The watchman comes to the place, where DCP called him from Dadi’s phone. He says I will get the ATM now and looks for Dadi. A smoke bomb is thrown there. DCP and Sharma try to handle themselves. DCP finds Dadi missing and asks Sharma where is she? He thinks Siya has freed Dadi and thinks how she did this. Siya and Dadi come out from there.

Siya takes Dadi home. Inspector Nupur and Unniyal bring watchman there. Dadi asks how did you know where I am? She sees watchman and asks if he was blackmailing me. Siya says yes, he was loyal since all these years. She says when you got missing from home, we were doubtful that DCP kidnapped you. She says I had sent Nupur and Unniyal there. She says she saw the guard going and found his writing to be the same as blackmailer. Unniyal says she saved us using smoke bomb and thanks her. Siya tells that today she realized that her Dadi is very strong. Dadi praises her. Tushar comes and asks Dadi how is she? Dadi says she is fine. Siya asks Tushar to take Dadi from there. Siya thanks Unniyal and Inspector Nupur. Unniyal and Nupur ask her not to thank them, as they are teammates. Unniyal says he is his Prabhu Viraj’s devotee and tells that he is loyal to him and is loyal to her also. Nupur asks what to do with guard. Siya asks them to take him to Viraj and says he will decide.

DCP asks the constables how his plan is leaked. The constables say we are loyal to you. Nupur comes there and asks where you was Sir? DCP says he had gone out, but will investigate the case now. Nupur thinks she won’t let him close the case, as she will stop it. A lady constable comes there and says parcel came on your name. DCP checks the envelope and finds pendrive. Nupur finds the note fallen from envelope and finds Raghav house’s footage written on it. DCP then sees the note. He thinks to check what is inside.

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Khushi informs Tushar that Papa and Maasi are going to marry and asks shall I call you Mama. Tushar is shocked and says call me Bhaiyya. Khushi says once the arrangements will done, you will accept infront of me about your plan.

Viraj says your work is to guard the house, but you have hurt the same family, you hurt Dadi and my Daughter, you need to die. He says bye Security guard and is about to stab him, when Security guard laughs and asks he has the footage which he has sent to DCP. Viraj says he will handle DCP, and says you will be in trauma when you come to know that your wife and children are in our captivity. The security guard gets shocked. Viraj laughs. Siya looks shocked.

Nupur sees DCP seeing the footage shockingly and calls Unniyal. Unniyal tells Viraj that DCP got the footage and is coming here. Dadi gets worried and says DCP had kidnapped me, it was guard’s mistake, don’t know what DCP will do. Tushar asks her not to worry. Raghav’s mother says we shall not be scared. Dadi says now he has proofs. Tushar asks if we shall elope from here. Viraj says no need, and tells that he has taken anticipatory bail for everyone already. Siya says Viraj is right, we will not run, as fear of killing Raghav, and the fear of getting caught, will be with us always. She says we will not be scared, but shall fight with it. She says DCP will come and I will tell him that I have killed Raghav. Raghav’s mother, Dadi and Siya’s mother tells that they have killed Raghav. Siya asks Dadi and others to understand. Just then DCP comes there with the his team.

Precap: DCP shows the handcuff to Siya and says I have seen the footage and unfortunately that footage…