Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Masumi attacks Simar

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Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Simar asking Masumi to end this game. Gunjan says and Masumi repeats that they have come to end the game, they didn’t start it. Simar sees two hairbands, two dolls, two books. She recalls warden telling that Charulatha had given birth to Gunjan and Masumi. She shouts calling Gunjan. Masumi keeps her hand on her ears. Simar asks if her dead sister is near her. She asks her to say. She then asks Gunjan to come infront of her. Gunjan walks past Simar’s body to give her a jerk. She tells Masumi that Simar doesn’t know anything, she is just doubting. Simar asks Masumi to say. Gunjan asks her not to say any word to her, and says she can never confirm her doubt, she can’t do anything. Masumi goes to side and keeps hand on her ears. Simar asks Gunjan to come infront of her. She tells Gunjan that Aditi has done nothing and asks her to return her husband and child to her. Gunjan tells Masumi that Simar is playing with your emotions and asks her to kill Simar, before she goes out and tell about us. She asks Masumi to kill her and closes her eyes. Masumi also closes her eyes. Simar looks at Masumi opening her eyes and picking the knife. Masumi says you will be attacked from front and attacks her. Simar falls down and holds her hand. She keeps her other hand on her cheek and says you are my friend and I know you don’t feel good by harming others. Masumi doesn’t attack her. Gunjan asks her to kill Simar. Masumi says no. Gunjan says do it as I say. Masumi says no. Simar asks Masumi to hear her goodness within and says whoever is near you, is not good. She says if you love your sister really then stop poisoning her life. Gunjan says now she is lecturing me and you are not saying her anything. She again provokes her to kill Simar. Masumi gets up and asks her to leave. Simar says I will not go without Geet. Masumi gives Geet to her and asks her to leave. Simar goes. Gunjan asks Masumi to look at her and says I will leave from here.

Reema sees Simar and asks what happened, why you are so scared. She takes Geet and keeps her on the bed. She makes Simar drink water. Simar says a dangerous game is going on here, and tells that Masumi is not alone, her sister Gunjan is with her. Reema says she is dead. Simar says her soul provokes Masumi against everyone. She says we have to tell everyone. Reema says they are planning anniversary, it seems that they are in the lines effect.

She asks Reema to give Geet to Sandhya Maa and bring Aarav and Vivaan to her room. Reema nods yes. Masumi asks Gunjan to come infront of her and forgive her once. She could see Gunjan and thanks her and apologizes. Gunjan says you have forgotten our 25 years of togetherness, forgotten our dreams and aims, did you forget that tomorrow is very special and important for us, and says you have forgotten that Simar going against me. Masumi apologizes to her. Gunjan asks her to promise that she will not let anyone overpower her. She says it is not easy to bring out our truth. Simar asks Aarav and Vivaan to identify their real sister by seeing the album. They see the album and says they look young and handsome. Aarav says Masumi is looking cute. Vivaan says she has become matured now. Simar sees the photos and sees Masumi’s photos with them, instead of Aditi. She tells Reema that she will bring another album, but the photos are changed. Reema says how can Aditi’s face be replaced by Masumi. Aarav says masumi is our sister. Simar cries and says if we don’t stop then don’t know what she will do with us. Vivaan says she is our Masumi and asks why she will do this? Aarav says every thing signs that Masumi is our sister, but I want to trust you, and can understand your restless, pain and fear. He says I know your fear and pain can’t be lie and asks her to tell what she wants to do, and says I am with you. Simar asks him to come with her, as they don’t have much time. She asks Reema to keep eye on Masumi and goes.

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They come to the Pandit ji who told them about the curse. Pandit ji tells that the curse came out from hurt heart. Simar tells him that she has sensed someone with Masumi in the house and asks him to give her some solution. Pandit ji does the puja and closes his eyes. He sees Gunjan with Masumi, going somewhere in the Oswal Mansion. He tells Simar that he has seen both of them. Simar says I knew they were two. Pandit ji closes his eyes and sees hidden door behind the tree. He gets shocked. He opens his eyes and says they were not two, but three. Simar asks three? He asks her to find the red kiwad in the house to get all the answers.

Precap: Simar tells Reema that they have red kiwad/door in their house which they shall search. Masumi tells Sandhya that her lines are good. Gunjan says now the lines and destiny both will not be there. Reema tells Simar that Masumi had bridal dress and jewellery in pair. Simar says we have to save Maa. They run to room.