Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Simar tries to revive Dubroo’s life


Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Simar telling that she will risk her body, but will not let anything happen to her family and Aarav ji. She says I have to go inside this magical mirror. She climbs up to reach and falls inside the magical mirror. She finds herself in Dubroo’s world and finds herself in normal size. She thanks Mata Rani and says she has to search Dubroo. She recalls stabbing it. She sees Dubroo’s dwarf helpers trying to stitch it and vents out their anger on Simar. They tell that they couldn’t stitch boss. They go to have food. Simar thinks this is the chance for her. She sees the clown’s clothes. Badimaa is worried for Simar and says don’t know where is she? Reema says we saw her in the house, but she is not here and says may be she has kept her outside the house. Chitra asks if she has killed Simar. Aarav says don’t say this, nothing has happened to her, when I am breathing, she is also breathing, my heart says that she is fine. Nazar tells that Aarav and Simar’s relation is very strong, it will be fun to separate them. She asks where is that needle like simar. Her mother in law says don’t know? Nazar asks them to go and search Simar, and says she will handle them. She comes to Oswals and asks them to play a game with her. She brings the bowl and says whoever name comes first, will play. Badimaa comes forward, but Gajendra stops her and says I will pick the chit first. He picks the chit and finds Gitanjali Oswal written on it.

Simar is in clown’s uniform and tells that she has to go to side and stitch Dubroo, may be he will get alive again. The dwarf jokers come there. Gajendra says it is my name only and throws the chit. Aditi says we can’t lose you. Badimaa picks the paper and tells Gajendra and others that it is her name, she will not let anything happen to her son. Everyone cry and says no badimaa. Nazar says what a family and asks Badimaa to hug her family for the last time. Badimaa asks everyone to move back and asks Nazar to say what to do, says I am ready. The jokers ask who are you, what is your name, what is your work in our world. They identify her to be Simar and tells that they will kill her with scissor. Simar says I will make Dubroo alive. The jokers ask why you want to make him alive. Simar says for you and I. She says I need his help. They tell that they stitched but he couldn’t be alive. Simar says the stitching is not right and says I can stitch well and make him alive. She says you want boss to be alive again. Aarav and others try to stop Badimaa. Nazar stops them with her magic. She calls snake and asks to take the food with full stomach. Badimaa tells Maa Durga that she is coming in her shelter. Aarav, Vivaan and others ask her not to do this. Badimaa asks them not to lose their courage and says be strong and united, now the family’s responsibility will be on you, you have to find Simar and bring her back. She says jai maa durga. Everyone is shocked and teary eyes. The snake bites badimaa. Badimaa screams in pain. Everyone is shocked. Nazar smiles. Badimaa falls down on the floor. Chitra shouts Badimaa. Nazar ends her magic and frees everyone. They all come to Badimaa and ask her to open her eyes. They all cry.

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The joker gives her needle and thread box and asks her to stitch boss before the song ends. They play music and dance. Simar is stitching Dubroo. The jokers bring blue and yellow buttons. The joker says boss will get yellow button, as he becomes devil. Other joker says we shall get blue buttons this time, as blue button will not make him devil. Simar thinks blue button will make him good joker and stitches Dubroo. The jokers aim gun and axe at Simar. Dubroo gets up as it is stitched fully.

Precap: Simar (gets tiny again) comes back with Dubroo and finds Badimaa as icchadhari naagin. Aarav asks what did you do with my Badimaa. Nazar says she has given icchadhari naagin avatar to her, she is her slave. She asks Badimaa to beat whoever she wants. Badimaa attacks.