Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Masumi and Gunjan gets Gajendra married to their mother

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Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Simar telling Reema that she is worried, if anything happens to her. Reema says nothing will happen to her, we will search her. They see Badimaa, Aarav and Vivaan standing infront of them. Badimaa asks what is going on and asks them to come to the mandap. Simar says I can’t come Badimaa, I have to go to Maa. She runs from there. Reema follows her. Badimaa says she doesn’t understand what is happening, first she made the mehendi fell down and now this. She asks Aarav and Vivaan to come. Masumi and Gunjan take Sandhya to the room behind the red door and there is a big coffin there. Gunjan says Maa…your favorite Gulab jamun. The eyes are shown. Gunjan says we wanted to rest our heads in your lap. She says our mission fulfilled. Masumi leaves Sandhya’s hand. Sandhya gets scared. She is still blindfolded. Sandhya asks her to stop all this and says bride shall reach mandap on time. She sees the coffin and the scary room. Aarav asks someone to keep something here fast. Gajendra comes to Aarav and says Sandhya ji has forgiven me and I have promised him that there will be no lie or cheat between us. He says this mandap and all the arrangements will be the new start of our lives. He says if my son forgives me then all my wishes will be fulfilled. Sandhya is taken aback. Gunjan signs Masumi. Sandhya asks where did we come? Masumi asks her not to worry and says real bride will come at the mandap, right time. Sandhya says we shall go back. Masumi says there is no way out, this is your house. Gunjan moves the coffin door. Sandhya gets shocked to see the dead body. She tells Masumi that she is very scared and says take me out from here. Gunjan says you shall go inside and tells Masumi that time has come to make her alive and give her all the rights to her. Masumi says yes Didi. She pushes Sandhya into the coffin and makes her fall inside. Sandhya’s hand touches the evil dead body and she opens her eyes and hypnotizes Sandhya. Masumi and Gunjan are happy.

Pandit ji tells that this is mahurat time, but light went off. Giriraj asks Reyansh to check. Badimaa says this is not the right sign. Gajendra says I will bring Sandhya ji. Aarav says I will bring Maa. Just then light comes back, they see the bride sitting on the mandap already. Badimaa shouts calling Simar and makes her see the veiled bride. Masumi and Gunjan smiles. Simar says Maa is here? Masumi says I have promised that I will bring your bride here, I have brought. Badimaa says what did you say that Sandhya bahu is somewhere, and Masumi have taken her somewhere. Simar says yes, I saw her there. Masumi says I have taken Maa to my room, to apply black tika on Maa so that nobody’s bad sight shall fall on her. Simar asks what do you mean?Aarav asks Simar to relax. Vivaan asks Reema to relax and says lets enjoy this day. Simar calls Sandhya and asks her to say, where Masumi had taken her. Badimaa says it was enough drama already, I don’t want any delay now. Gajendra says Sandhya has forgiven me, so we shall not let this auspicious mahurat end. Simar is doubtful as the bride is silent. Badimaa asks Gajendra to sit. There is a storm in the sky as the Pandit ji starts the marriage. Masumi has a evil smile on her face. Simar gets worried. Gajendra makes the bride get up and exchange garlands with her. Masumi smiles. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Simar stands shocked and helpless. Masumi gets their ghatbandhan.

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Reema asks Simar not to worry and tells that may be they are not wrong this time, and says we will search the red door once this marriage is over. Gunjan says this is start. Pandit ji asks them to stand them for the rounds. Simar prays to Mata Rani and says I want to see Maa once and feel her. She prays to Mata Rani to protect her family. Gajendra and the evil soul take the rounds. Aarav comes to Simar and says our love story started like this, we had taken rounds like this, you came and change my life for forever. He says I remember my vows, once vow is to keep you happy. He blows on his hand and keeps his hand on her cheek. Simar smiles. Aarav says your smile is the world’s best beautiful smile. Simar says since you came in my life, there is happiness in my life and the day we united, it was good and memorable day for me. She recalls their first marriage. Pandit ji says now the groom will make the bride wear mangalsutra. Gajendra makes the evil soul wear mangalsutra. Aarav says if you didn’t have that big veil, then we wouldn’t have been married. He says that veil hid the bride and changed our lives for forever. Simar understands that the bride is someone else in veil.

Precap: Badimaa lifts the veil and sees Charulatha instead of Sandhya. She asks who is she? Simar says she is Charulatha. Everyone gets shocked. Charulatha flies in air shocking everyone.