Sapno Ki Chhalaang 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Radhika meets Hrithik again


Sapno Ki Chhalaang 6th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Suman saying I think Abhishek wants to be more than a friend to Radhika. Gomti asks what. Suman says I feel we can’t trust that guy. The girls tease Abhishek. Yaro dosti…plays… They laugh. Its morning, Suman asking Radhika to meet other guys if not Hrithik. She says if you like someone, we have to meet families also, make up your mind soon. Radhika says I will call you. She leaves. Gomti says we have to fix her alliance soon. Radhe calls Radhika. He asks her not to get upset with Suman. Radhika says I can’t decide about the guy in one meeting. He says yes, but you didn’t find him bad, meet him a few times more. She says if I meet him again, then I will be asked about marriage. Radhe says we won’t compel you to marry soon, don’t delay in making a decision, Suman and Gomti have to come back. She says fine, I will meet him if he wants. Suman says Radhika will say she doesn’t like Hrithik, I liked him a lot and I have to fix this relation. He asks why are you worried. She recalls Abhishek. She doesn’t tell him. Radhe goes to Lavi and asks are you okay now, don’t do this, Jairam will know it.

Gomti says Radhika will get scolded if anyone knows about Abhishek. Suman says yes. Radhika gets a parcel. She sees the cookies. She gets Hrithik’s call. He says I saw cookies and thought of you, you liked it yesterday so I have sent it for you, please try it, its my fav. She says this wasn’t needed, thanks. He says its my duty to send a gift after a dinner date, if Manisha asks about me, then give good reviews. He asks when are you getting free today. She says 7.30. He says I have a meeting, I will talk to you later. She tries the cookie. She smiles. Gomti says we should stay here for more days. Suman says yes, cancel our tickets, once Radhika’s alliance gets fixed, we will book the tickets. Sree hears this. Radhika is on the way. Hrithik comes and asks about the cookies. He says I will drop you home, I m not proposing you for marriage, come, I will propose in a good way, give me a chance to drop you home.

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They leave. He plays radio. The romantic songs play. They feel odd and laugh. He plays his playlist. She says I didn’t explore music much, I m simple and boring. He says you will become interesting if you be with me, your stress comes from your work station, its dull. She feels stomach pain. He drops her home. Gomti looks on and smiles. She asks Suman to see. Suman says Radhika met him and didn’t tell us, their relation should get fixed. Radhika comes upstairs. Suman says I saw, Hrithik dropped you, how, did you collide with him. She asks Radhika to have food. She says call your friends also, we will have food together. Radhika goes to call the girls. She asks what happened. Vaishali says they cancelled their tickets, I can’t handle this. Radhika asks what. Vaishali says I can’t adjust more than this, I had a breakup and my mood is already off. Radhika says I can understand, I can’t rush and say yes for marriage. Sree says I know, please think of some plan to send them away. Preeti says they are right, I can’t help you this time. Radhika worries and goes to Suman. She asks why did you cancel the ticket. They argue. Radhika asks what happened to you. Suman says I m worried for you, your friends have a problem with me, fine. Gomti asks what do you think, what will Suman do. Suman goes to the girls.

Radhika says I m not hungry. She gets angry and asks them not to drag her between their fights. She faints down. Suman shouts.