Sapno Ki Chhalaang 3rd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Hrithik visits Radhika’s parents


Sapno Ki Chhalaang 3rd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Radhika asking Gomti to take care. Mili says don’t know where will they live. Lavi says I don’t care, this house is on my name now. She asks just yours. He says I was joking. Radhika and family leave. Gomti cries. Lucky says everyone will regret one day. Radhika gets the family home. Sree asks Preeti to ring the doorbell of Abhishek’s house. Radhika says welcome back mummy. Pintu asks is this entire building of your friends. She says no, many people stay here. Abhishek helps Radhika. Vrinda greets Suman. Preeti says Vrinda is our neighbor. They greet Radhe. Suman says you forgot me. They hug Suman. Radhika asks Abhishek about the house. Radhe asks is our house in this building. Sree says Radhika’s family will stay with us. Abhishek says yes, we will find a good house under budget. Preeti says but if they refuse then. Sree says leave it on me. Sree says yes uncle, same building, same floor, we didn’t find any better house than this, come inside. Sree says you can dance with aunty if you want, no one will stop me. Radhe says Radhika didn’t tell me that we have to stay here, I can’t stay here, it will be a problem. Sree says you can live well. Radhe says no, it will be a problem, its your house, live as you want. Sree says you mean you won’t stay with four daughters here, its wrong. Radhika says it’s a matter of few days, look for a house later. Radhe says fine, I can’t refuse to Sree. They all smile.

Pintu asks shall I take chocolate from fridge. Sree says finish all of it. Radhika thanks Sree and hugs her. She says I love you Preeti and Vaishali. Sree says I love you to only them. Radhika says I love you to infinity. Preeti says Sree is a rockstar. Suman sees Abhishek. Preeti says we will order food. Vrinda says we will leave. Radhika says have food with us. Abhishek says yes, no…. mummy is right, we will meet later. Preeti asks how was everything. Radhika says he dropped me and came back to Mumbai, there was much tension. Suman hears them. She says you didn’t tell me that Hrithik came to drop you to Jhansi, he worries for you, call him, your dad will meet him, he is hurt, he can’t bear the shock if anything wrong happens, what happened. Radhika says we will think of Pintu’s admission, did you get Radhe’s medicines. Suman says yes. Radhika says you are a superwoman, you also need rest. Suman asks where is your engagement ring.

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Sree says I asked her to remove it and keep it safe, do you want to see it, shall I get it. Suman says no, keep it safe. She goes. Radhika thanks Sree. Its morning, Radhika says mum was asking about Hrithik and engagement ring, I have to tell her. Abhishek asks her to just tell it. She asks when will you go to Delhi. He says after a few days. She says I will miss you a lot. She goes. Apna bana le….plays… Sree comes and looks at him. She asks what happened. He says Radhika said she is going to miss me. She asks what did you say, nothing? When will you tell her your feelings?

Priyal sees Radhika and says you have come back, the final results will be announced after 2 days, everything is getting reviewed, good luck. Kartik taunts Radhika. Zeeshan asks Radhika to ignore him. She says I did many mistakes, if I don’t get this job, I don’t know what I will do, its very imp for me. She comes home. Sree says I will make cheese cake and noodles, I got all the ingredients. Radhika thanks her. She says ACS will announce which interns will get their jobs final, if I lose the job, then how will I handle this. Sree says don’t worry, think positive. Radhika says thanks, you convinced dad, you saved me from mum. Sree tells her lines. She says Hrithik is out, he won’t bother you now. Radhika rings the doorbell. Hrithik opens the door. They get shocked.

He asks surprised? I called Suman and she asked me to come home, good, right, come Radhika. Suman asks Sree to help her. Hrithik asks Radhika to smile. He says you will need my help for ACS job, Radhe is happy, he will be heartbroken knowing you misbehaved with me. Radhe and Suman praise Hrithik. Hrithik says Radhika talks a lot about you. He acts sweet. Suman takes Radhika with her. She says tell me the truth, what’s going on.

Vrinda says you know what her family thinks about you, forget Radhika. Suman says Hrithik and your relation is our only happiness. Radhika sees Abhishek.