Sapno Ki Chhalaang 27th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Radhika surprises Abhishek


Sapno Ki Chhalaang 27th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Radhika seeing Abhishek. He greets. She says I had to tell you something. He says I m getting an urgent call, can we call later, sorry. Lavi blames the family for breaking the family. Sree calls Abhishek home. He rushes. They all give him a surprise farewell party. Abhishek says it happened so soon, interview, job. Sree asks why are you going to Delhi, you can find a job here, won’t you miss us. He says sometimes. Vaishali says you will miss someone more. Preeti says your friendship is deep with someone else. Radhika asks what are you saying. Sree says lets party. Abhishek sees Radhika. Apna bana le… plays…

Sree says you talk to her or don’t stare. He asks where is Radhika’s engagement ring. She jokes. She says Radhika broke her engagement with Hrithik. He asks what. He smiles. He asks really. She says fate wants to unite Radhika and you, you also work hard a bit, come on, do it now. He asks now? Preeti asks what are you guys murmuring. Radhika messages Suman.

Lavi asks for Radhe’s room. He says I should get the biggest room of this house. Radhe and Suman get shocked. Gomti scolds Lavi. Lucky says fix your mind. Lavi says Radhika sent a fridge and said she will live her life her way, can’t I ask for some money, you all are staring at me, this is the truth. Radhe sees Jairam. He asks Jairam to say what to do.

Lavi says Radhe and Suman can go somewhere and live, Radhika is there to manage their expenses, our burden will get less. Gomti raises hand. Suman stops her. Jairam says he is saying right, bahu did a lot for us, we should give them a good room. Lavi says Radhika won’t come back here. Abhishek asks all okay. Radhika says yes. She sees Sree and says close your eyes. She surprises him with their beautiful collage. Sree says Radhika made this for you. She asks how did you like it, say something. He smiles. Radhe says Radhika is our daughter, she also has a share in this house, its her house, like its your house. Lavi says she told us, she isn’t related to us now. Gomti scolds him.

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Lavi asks am I saying anything wrong, will Radhika come back and take the house responsibility, she has gone to Mumbai, why would she get a share. Jairam says she will have her own house after marriage, she shouldn’t see this house, greed is bad. Radhe says enough, I won’t tolerate a word against her, you proved that she isn’t this family’s daughter, just my daughter. Abhishek likes the food. Radhika says I will serve you the golgappe. He says its mindblowing. He challenges her for a golgappe competition. She says get ready to lose. They eat the golgappe. Tu hai to…plays…

Radhika sees Abhishek feeling it spicy. She says its enough, I m done. Abhishek says yay, I won. Sree asks what’s the plan. Abhishek says I have a plan now. Sree asks what is it. He says make some arrangement. Sree says we will help. He says you guys are the best. Kittu also joins them.

Radhika asks where are you going, Vaishali. Radhe says I have decided it, I understood it, girls don’t become outsiders, Lavi has made us outsiders in one moment, we won’t stay here. Jairam says don’t say anything in anger. Radhe says anger ended, there is just sorrow, I will find a new house in 2 days and leave from there. Sree and Vaishali lie to Radhika. Preeti asks Radhika to help her. Abhishek comes and signs. The man delivers the cake. Radhika asks who is there. Radhika gets Abhishek’s audio message. She says Sree, Abhishek is calling us on terrace. She asks where did Sree go. She goes on terrace. She sees the romantic decorations. Everyone smiles.

Abhishek says Radhika, I… Lucky calls Radhika and tells her everything.