Sapno Ki Chhalaang 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Radhika gets caught

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Sapno Ki Chhalaang 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Radhika solving the riddles. Radhe comes home. Suman says you look happy. Radhe checks Radhika’s location. Sree updates the location. Vaishali says Preeti’s phone is still switched off. Sree says I m thinking to go to police station. Hema comes home. She says a man was asking about Preeti. Sree rushes to watchman and asks him not to allow Baldev inside the building. Radhika looks for clues. She says I got the first clue. Radhika helps them in decoding the riddles. Sahay comes to meet Radhika at the office. The man says she works here, but she isn’t here right now. Radhika uses her sharp mind and searches for the clues. Kartik keeps on saying, I did it…

Sahay says Radhika isn’t here, she has gone to Goa. Radhe asks what, she is there. He asks him to make him talk to someone. The man says Radhika has gone to Goa with the team. Radhe gets angry. Radhika asks Prakash to turn around and gets to see the note written. He asks her to guess the name of the person, it’s a hit or miss. Everyone guesses. Radhika thinks and says cappuccino.

Radhe gets angry on Suman and asks her to come and talk to him. Everyone looks on. Radhika and team come out of the escape room. Veer and Rajesh applaud Radhika. She says its team work. He says you deserve it, good job. Samiksha says we will go to the airport after lunch. Priyal hears the team speaking bad about Radhika.

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Radhika gets Radhe’s audio message. Suman says I asked Radhika to lie to you, she would have lost her job. They argue. Radhika calls Sree and asks about the location change. Sree says I did it. She sees Preeti coming home. She worries. She calls Vaishali and says Preeti is back, a man has come to ask for you, sorry, I didn’t ask about you. Radhika calls Radhe. He doesn’t answer. Everyone comes to Radhe and Suman. Dadi asks the matter. Radhe gets the call. He says just I will talk to her. Radhe answers the call and says I have sent some items, go and collect the items from the courier guy. She says I will go and take it, I m at a nearby site. He scolds her for lying to him.

Radhe and Lavi scold Radhika. Priyal says I didn’t want you to come to ACS. Radhika cries.