Sapno Ki Chhalaang 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Radhika receives a shock


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The Episode starts with Radhika saying you could have told this to me, you told it to Sree, we are friends, you have hidden a big thing from me, you broke up with Tanya, you didn’t tell me, what happened, you can tell me. He says its my personal matter. She says don’t worry, I will go and talk to Tanya. He says no, I don’t rush with my decisions, I do what I m sure about. She says I m your friend, you could have told me. He says congrats, friend, leave me alone. She cries and goes. Lucky says Jairam and Lavy are hiding something. Radhe says Jairam has to talk to me, we will solve this problem.

Radhika tells Zeeshan about her engagement. Priyal hears them. He asks who is that lucky guy. She says its an arranged marriage, the guy is from ACS, Hrithik. He says congrats. Priyal goes to Radhika and calls her to cabin. Radhika goes. Priya says I checked my inbox, I didn’t get your resignation letter. Radhika asks what. Priyal says yes. Radhika asks did I do anything. Priyal says I heard you are getting married, you should have shared this with me. Radhika says sorry, this won’t happen again. Priyal says you didn’t tell me that you are planning marriage with this company’s senior, its allowed but not accepted, this will be a loss for your career. Radhika asks why. Priyal says company doesn’t appreciate a relation with seniors, its too late, you find out things if you don’t know. She says Shikha already resigned, her case is different. Radhika says I promise, I won’t let this affect my work. Priyal says HR will question you, I have no time and energy to waste on you, I wanted you to prove me wrong, you proved me right, you have to bear this, enough. Radhika leaves.

Veer comes and asks did anything happen. Priyal looks at him. Hrithik says I was expecting this to happen. Veer says you should have told Priyal and me, this can bring a big problem for Radhika, this job is her dream, she reached here by hardwork, she deserves this job, if she loses the job, then you can’t imagine what will happen. Hrithik says I will take a decision. Radhika comes to talk. Hrithik gets a call. He says I know you are in stress, I will come back and sort this out. He leaves. She sees Veer.

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Radhe says we will go to the shop. Lavy signs Jairam. Jairam says I will finish an imp work and come, you go and handle the store. Radhe says okay. He leaves with Lucky. Lucky says I m glad Radhika got a nice guy, Hrithik. Priyal says congrats, how will you explain HR. Hrithik says you should have not told that to Radhika, there are no rules that ACS colleagues can’t marry, we will sort this out. She says you knew there will be an issue, its late, it will affect Radhika. Zeeshan says you didn’t break any rule but the matter is complicated. Radhika asks what is it. Priyal says HR can think you are making special favors for Radhika, you are Veer’s good friend, I know you, we work together, this will be Radhika’s loss. Radhika says but I didn’t take any special favor. Zeeshan says we know this, but HR doesn’t know this. She says I didn’t know Hrithik before. Hrithik says I will handle the HR. Priyal says Radhika has a potential to go ahead, if she gets a loss, then it won’t be right for her, you are responsible, you knew everything, you did wrong. Zeeshan says you will get punished, think if you had come here for job or marriage. Priyal says she can lose her job. Hrithik says I will explain the HR, I will do my best, I will shift her to a new company, she can get better salary, it won’t be much loss. Priyal goes.

Jairam comes home with Lavi and Mili. He asks Lucky to get puja plate for aarti. Radhe and Lucky get shocked seeing Lavi married. Veer comes to Radhika and says situation is tough, just two people’s job will get confirmed, your marriage with Hrithik, what will HR think, there is tension. Radhika worries. He recalls Hrithik’s words. He says talk to Hrithik clearly, everything should be clear, wish you luck.

Abhishek and Radhika think of each other. They think to call. She goes to Hrithik and says I didn’t know I will face this problem. He says calm down, I knew about this, but I didn’t know it will become a big issue. She asks why didn’t you tell me about it.

Priyal says you may need to leave this job. Zeeshan asks Radhika what will you do. She looks at her engagement ring.