Sapno Ki Chhalaang 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Hrithik proposes Radhika


Sapno Ki Chhalaang 19th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Radhika getting a call and leaving. Suman says I request you to get engaged, so that everyone knows you are serious, I spoke to your mum, she said she is okay with it if you are ready. Abhishek rehearses to confess his feelings to Radhika. Hrithik comes home to meet Radhika. He says sorry to come this way, I thought I should discuss this with Radhika, we want to meet again and know each other, I thought why to wait. He gets on knees and proposes Radhika with a ring. Everyone smiles. Hrithik asks will you marry me. Suman hugs Gomti. Abhishek comes and looks on shocked.

Hrithik says relationship means partnership, you can share your life’s joy and sorrow, you can live your dreams with your partner, you are the partner for me, will you give me a chance to become your partner. Radhika says yes. Abhishek gets sad. Everyone claps. Sree worries. Radhika sees Suman signing Hrithik. They see Abhishek at the door. Abhishek says I should have not come in between. He leaves. Hrithik asks may I. Radhika forwards her hand. She looks at the door. Hrithik makes Radhika wear the ring. They all smile. Sree goes to the terrace and sees Abhishek. She says everyone is wishing Radhika and you have come here. He says its my wish.

She talks to him. He says I m not happy. She asks him the matter. He says I don’t want to say it. She says just say it, you like Radhika. He says yes, I love her. She says I knew it, I saw your face and understood, this is amazing, I love it, Rinku loves Radhika, what about Tanya, will you do double timing. He says Tanya and I aren’t together. She says too good, I will go and tell this to Radhika. He says no. She says you are the best for her, Hrithik isn’t right. He says its too late, she got engaged. She says its not late, you don’t regret that you didn’t try. He says promise me, you won’t tell anything to Radhika. Radhika says I was surprised by Hrithik’s move. Suman says don’t think why did this happen, stay happy. Radhika gets a message and thinks Suman went to ACS office to meet Hrithik. She asks Vaishali did you help Suman is using Apps. Vaishali says yes, I taught her to use Apps. She says I didn’t expect you to do this. Suman says listen to me. Radhika goes and calls Hrithik. She says I didn’t want you to propose me in a hurry by listening to my mummy. He says I wasn’t under pressure, Suman came to meet me, she didn’t force me, I did what I felt right, go and sleep.

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Lucky comes to Jairam. Jairam and Prakash have a talk. Prakash says we have to get the marriage mahurat soon. He warns Jairam. Lavi says mum won’t let us do this. Lucky asks what. Jairam asks him to go and get betel for him. Lucky goes. Lavi says Lucky’s loan is getting waived, we will get a new store, we can lose a lot if we lose this alliance, its good to get money in hands, we got the best chance, if Radhika pays the loans then think about it, she will rule here. Radhe talks to Radhika on call. He explains her to trust Suman’s decision. Sree comes to Radhika. She says I have to say something. Radhika comes to meet Abhishek.

Radhika tells Zeeshan about Hrithik. Priyal warns Radhika for going against company policy.