Salman Khan says Ankita Lokhande isn’t happy with Vicky getting the fame

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In the latest episode of Colors TV’s Bigg Boss 17, Salman Khan takes a moment to address the conduct of Ankita Lokhande, shedding light on her expressed concerns about Vicky Jain’s growing popularity. This season of the show has garnered significant attention, with one notable element being the tumultuous relationship between celebrity couple Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain.

Ankita frequently vocalizes her dissatisfaction to Vicky regarding what she perceives as his lack of attention, while Vicky, in return, faces criticism for his tone towards the actress. Exclusive insights from the show’s set, obtained by India Forums, reveal that Salman seizes the opportunity to have a candid conversation with Ankita in the therapy room.

In a recently released promotional clip, Salman engages Ankita to discuss her game on the show. During the conversation, Ankita shares with Salman that since Vicky moved out of her room, she has gained clarity and the ability to make independent decisions. Previously, she felt influenced by Vicky’s choices. Salman points out that Vicky easily connects with others, and when Ankita insists that she does the same, Salman suggests that Vicky’s social interactions surpass hers. Salman goes on to explain that Vicky, originally a businessman, has entered the entertainment world through Ankita, gaining visibility in the process. Salman asserts that Ankita seems to have an issue with Vicky achieving his goals on the show.

The promotional clip leaves viewers in anticipation of Ankita’s reaction to Salman’s insightful observations.

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