Sakshi Sharma replaces Anshula Dhawan in Suhaagan

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A replacement has occurred on the television show “Suhaagan,” which premiered on television screens in May of this year. Anshula Dhawan, who originally portrayed the character Payal, has departed from the series. The production team has enlisted the talents of Sakshi Sharma, previously known for her role in “Gud Se Meetha Ishq,” to assume the character’s role.

Sakshi Sharma, renowned for her appearances in various shows including “Udann,” “Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey,” “Ishq Mein Marjawan,” and “Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya,” is stepping into her first leading role. Expressing her sentiments, she shared, “I am filled with excitement and gratitude for this incredible opportunity. While I do feel some nervousness, as this marks my debut in a leading role, I have no regrets about the choices I’ve made throughout my career. Over the span of these six years in the industry, I’ve consistently exerted effort, undergone numerous auditions, and participated in practice shoots for leading roles. Successfully cracking an audition and completing a practice shoot is quite an accomplishment. However, I’ve come to understand that apart from talent, luck also plays a significant role in securing leading roles. During times when things didn’t align for me, I recognized that the fellow artist who secured the role of the protagonist was simply more fortunate than I was (smiles).”

Approaching the role of Payal, the actress has chosen to bring her own interpretation to the character rather than imitating her predecessor. She conveyed, “I’ve watched the episodes featuring the previous portrayal and intend to embody the character with utmost conviction. The previous portrayal was commendable and necessitated her departure due to prior commitments. While I’ve used her depiction as a point of reference, my portrayal will be uniquely my own, adhering to the directions I’ve received.”

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Despite multiple attempts, we were unable to contact Anshula for a statement.

In addition to Sakshi, Garima Kishnani and Raghav Thakur are the other two lead actors in the show “Suhaagan.”