Saavi Ki Savaari 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Raksham returns home

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The Episode starts with Himesh asking Vedika if she told Nityam. Vedika says no, and tells that Nityam slept with much difficulty. Saavi says Mr. Dalmia showed as if he got adjusted well, but he couldn’t slept all night and was restless. She asks them to go and says she will wait for him. Nityam gets up and shouts calling Raksham Bhaiyya. He asks where is he? Saavi says Raksham Bhaiyya is outside and tells that he agreed to go home. Nityam comes out happily and hugs Raksham. Raksham tells that he couldn’t see his mother grinding masala on the stone, and Tashvi washing clothes. He says Dadu picked the mattresses and Chachi fetched water in 8 buckets. He says he wants to drown in it if he fetches more water. Saavi says he didn’t bring more than one bucket. Everyone laughs. Raksham asks Saavi to come with them. Saavi says I will come and can’t leave my passengers midway. She tells Nityam that they have to lock him in his room. Nityam goes to change his clothes.

Dimpy asks the Servants to make juice and poha for her. She asks Giridhar to keep her stuff in her old room and asks other servant to mix ice in the juice. Just then Giridhar asks all the Servants to open the door. They open the door and find all dalmias. The Servants welcome them and shower flower petals on them. Dimpy gets shocked.

She acts infront of them and tells that she couldn’t eat or drink without them. Sonam asks her to drink juice with ice and taunts her. Dimpy says she made the breakfast ready for them. Vedika says we already had it and tells that Saavi had made tasty Poha. Sonam says Saavi puran started. Saavi says I need my nek from Raksham and asks him to promise that he will never go from here. Raksham thinks I will always be indebted to this family and can’t trouble them again. He promises to Saavi that he will not leave Dalmia house and the family. Dimpy thinks you can’t fulfill your promise.

Sonam enjoys foot massage and says she is back in the room. She calls Giridhar and asks whose bag is this. Giridhar says it is of Dimpy. Dimpy comes and tells that she had asked him to keep the stuff in her new room. Sonam says you can’t get this room again. Dimpy looks at Raksham and says everything can’t be normal. Raksham comes inside. Sonam appreciates his decision to return. He asks what if I haven’t returned. Sonam says your love brought me back here. She thinks to talk to Nityam about making Raksham as the board of director. She goes. Raksham thinks everything is changed, I have returned so that nobody can have any problem.

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Nityam tells Saavi that he used to do gym daily and says he don’t need her help. Saavi says she is actually searching her handkerchief and then will go. Nityam says you are going. She says yes. Nityam finds her handkerchief in other bag and hides it. Saavi says it was special as it was gifted by Ananya. Nityam says then it will be special. Saavi asks him to send it, if he finds it. She says I will leave now and says everyone is waiting. Nityam says everyone got habitual to you. Saavi says Maa has made my favorite Katal ki sabzi, and asks him to have it sometime. She says Manav had brought it. Nityam says you can say anything about Adi Manav. Saavi sees her handkerchief and says it is mine. Nityam says it is mine. She tries to get it and holds his hand. He holds her. They have an eye lock. Vedika comes there and calls Saavi. She says you said that you will leave soon. Nityam gives handkerchief in her hand and tells that don’t know how people forget it. He goes to bathroom. Saavi says she can’t understand him. Vedika asks Saavi to inform her after reaching home. Nityam comes out of the bathroom and looks at Saavi. Saavi goes. Nityam gets sad. Vedika senses his sadness.

Precap: Nityam dances holding the pillow while the song plays.. Sonam comes there and asks what is all this. Nityam says I have realized that Saavi Goel is always in my heart and says Saavi Goel, I love you. Sonam is shocked. She asks Nutan and others to search a life partner for Saavi and end Nityam’s chapter.