Saavi Ki Savaari 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update


Saavi Ki Savaari 7th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

They all asks Sonam to sign and asks not to waste their time. Sonam signs on the papers and gives to Barjatya. They all go from there. Sonam sees her counterparts laughing at her and telling that she is a loser. Sonam asks them to shut up and says she can’t be a loser and can never lose. Nityam tries to walk and stumbles. Ratna holds him and makes him walk. He makes her swirls and dance. Razzak comes there and tells Saavi that there is a good news. Saavi shows the file to Nityam and says you have stood on your feet and we got a new place too. Everyone is happy and folds their hands. Sonam thinks if this office will not be mine.

After 3 days, Nityam gets ready in suit. Saavi comes there and asks Nityam if he is ready, lets go. She gets emotional and applies him tika to ward off bad eye. Nityam says Saavi….tika seriously. Saavi says if you get bad sight then I can’t bear it. She says she is seeing her old Nityam after so many days. Nityam tells that he has brought something for her. Saavi opens the box and finds saree. She hugs him happily. Nityam smiles

Barjatya tells Sonam that the Board of directors have taken the decision. Sonam asks Mehta ji to say. Barjatya says that you can’t ask us anything. Other Board member tells that they have to leave CEO post and Chairman post. Barjatya asks her to get up. Sonam refuses. Mehta ji says we have lost so much because of you. Barjatya calls Kiran and asks him to give some job to her as per her work profile, and says she can do work from home. Sonam tries to make them understand, but in vain. Barjatya says Mr. Sikand and Mr. Mehta will decide who will handle this post.

Nityam and Saavi are doing puja along with the family to start Dalmia Industries. Pandit ji asks Vedika to break the coconut. Vedika gives coconut to Nityam. Nityam says only CEO will break this coconut and asks Saavi to break the coconut. Saavi says how can I be CEO? Nityam says we got everything back due to your courage, trust and efforts, and says you deserve it. Saavi breaks the coconut and gets emotional. They take all elders’ blessings. Ratna asks them to prosper in business. Barjatya tries to throw Sonam out. Raksham comes there and says how dare you to hold my wife’s hands. Sonam asks Raksham not to leave Barjatya and says he has held my wife and was putting down chauhan board. Barjatya asks Raksham to ask his wife and says she has named 99.9 percent shares on our names now, you both have nothing now, not even Dalmia house. He shouts asking the guards to throw them out. They are being dragged out. Barjatya shouts asking someone to take down chauhan and sons’ board. Pandit ji says puja is done. Saavi tells Nityam that she has done the puja and has broken the board. She says she is not highly educated and can’t handle this post. Nityam says I am not offering this post as I love you or because you are my wife. He says you truly deserve it and about your qualification, I will take care about that. Nutan says Nityam is right, you have earned this. He takes file from Razzak. Saavi signs on the CEO post papers, just then they see Raksham and Sonam thrown out of the company. Sonam falls on the road. They all look shocked.

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Precap: Nityam tells his family that whoever supports Raksham and sonam, he will break relation with that person. Raksham says they are hungry since yesterday. He sits on the chair as the chairman of the Dalmia Industries. Sonam steals the biscuits. The security checks them, and finds biscuits. They all laugh on Sonam. Nityam looks on.