Saavi Ki Savaari 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi gets Nityam operated with the funding amount


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The Episode starts with the investors telling that their presentation is good, and now they want to tests drive their models. Sonam says our model works on remote also. It starts with remote. Everyone claps for her. Sonam says our e rickshaw works for 8 hours without charging and we have made arrangements for charging points at petrol and diesel pumps. Everyone claps for her. Next Saavi’s turn comes. The investor tries to start it. Saavi says come on Chattriprasad. Sonam asks Raksham to make arrangements for success party. Raksham says first let the results announced. Chattriprasad stops. Sonam’s employee tells her that he has discharged its battery and smiles. Sonam also smiles. Saavi asks him to try again. He tries again. Saavi says I will try again. She prays and tries to start it. She gets down and asks Razzak to check. Razzak checks. Saavi requests the guy to give them 2 mins, and says they had thoroughly checked it. Razzak tells her that battery is discharged. Other guy says if the battery discharges when the customer is seated then what you will do. She says your project is disqualified. Saavi asks Mr. Saxena to give them a chance and says it is about someone’s life and death. Sonam says you will not get funding and your emotions will not work here, and says I will win and you have lost. She says it was good try for you and these auto driver engineers. Saavi cries. She asks Chattriprasad, why did it betray her today, and didn’t help Nityam and her. She cries.

Razzak and others sit and pray. Mr. Shukla is about to announce that the winner is…..Saavi comes there driving Chattriprasad. Mr. Shukla asks what you are doing? Saavi tells the other guy that you had asked that if the customer is seated in our auto, and if the battery discharges then what we will do. She says we have a box which charges the auto in emergency and it gives 1 hour charging in 5-10 mins. Mr. Shukla says your technical specifications is good and tells the boss that they shall reconsider their decision. Sonam says you have taken the decision. Mr. Shukla says they have right to reconsider his decision. He tells Sonam that your auto is modern auto rickshaw and your technical tie up is with the best companies. Sonam says we have imported parts. Mr. Shukla says but the customers are local/desi. He says auto rickshaw is for the simple people, and this rickshaw is made by the simple people, so the winner is Chattriprasad 2.O. He says we will fund Dalmia Industries project and we will realize first installment today. Saavi gets emotional. All auto drivers get happy. Sonam gets upset. Saavi calls the auto drivers to take the cheque and tells the investors that it is their hardwork too, along with Nityam and her. Sonam and Raksham stands shocked. Saavi sits in the auto and asks Nutan to ask Doctor to start the operation. Raksham hears her. Saavi goes. Raksham asks the auto drivers, who is in the hospital. The auto driver tells that pillar had fallen down on Nityam in the garage, and tells that he is serious. The other auto driver says whom you are saying, jiju is in this condition because of them. Sonam scolds her engineers. Raksham asks Sonam if she had known about Nityam’s accident, he has surgery and he is fighting with death. Sonam says they didn’t think to inform you. Raksham says you have kept all of us phones with you. Sonam asks him to think whatever he wants to and goes.

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Doctor tells Nutan and Brijesh that it is difficult to save him now. Ratna and Brijesh try to convince the doctor. Saavi comes there and says she has brought the money and asks him to do the operation. The doctor says it is too late now, and asks her to pray. He goes. Sonam comes there and starts acting, asking Nutan why they didn’t call her, and asks if they made her as strangers. Saavi says we have called 100 phone calls and says I have gone to Dalmia house also. Sonam says we had gone to temple for the e rickshaw project mannat. Saavi asks who keeps the phone off. Sonam asks what was the need to work in the workshop whose roof and pillars are weak and blames Saavi. Saavi says you shall motivate me, but you are trying to break my courage. Ratna stops Sonam and asks her to get afraid of Bholenath, and says you have done a big crime and is shedding fake tears here, and asks if you don’t feel pity on Saavi, and says I want to tell truth to everyone. Sonam asks her not to forget that whatever she did, was her idea. She shows the video and blackmails Ratna, and says what Maa and Mama will do if I show this video to them, you will get divorced and will be thrown out of the house. She asks her if she wants to support her or wants to be oust.

Sonam asks Ratna if Nityam will be fine. She then asks Nutan to call her if she needs anything. She asks Ratna to take care and leaves. Nityam’s operation ends. Saavi asks doctor if Nityam is fine. Doctor says this operation is not less than a miracle and tells that he will gain consciousness in few hours. Saavi thanks Doctor. She hugs Nutan and Ratna. They all get happy.

Saavi comes to Nityam and sees him coming in his consciousness. She says you are fine. Nityam says Maa. Vedika comes home. Giridhar informs Vedika that Saavi called and said that Nityam met with an accident and he is in the hospital. Vedika shouts Nityam. She comes to the hospital. Saavi hugs Vedika. Nutan, Ratna and Brijesh also come there. Saavi tells vedika that Nityam is fine now. She says I tried to call you all, but all of your phones were off. She says I went home, but you all were not in the house. Vedika says Sonam had done some mannat. She says I did Mrityunjay jaap there. Nutan says even Saavi has done so much for him. Nityam says sorry and tells Saavi that today he had to give presentation and we could get funding. Saavi says no Nityam, your dream is fulfilled and says I had gone there to give presentation, they liked the presentation and we got the funding. Nityam asks really? Saavi says yes. Vedika, Nutan, brijesh and Ratna get happy hearing this.

Precap: Barjatya makes Sonam signs on some papers by cheat. Nityam asks Saavi to break the coconut as she is the CEO of the company. Saavi breaks the coconut to start their company. Raksham grabs Barjatya’s collar. Barjatya says your wife named 99.9 percent shares on our names. They are thrown out of the company.