Saavi Ki Savaari 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update


Saavi Ki Savaari 5th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The host tells that they will start the presentation now. Saavi asks Razzak to bring their auto. Razzak goes to bring it. Nutan calls Saavi and asks if money is arranged. Saavi says she will bring it. Sonam gives her presentation and tells that it can go on 50 speed and has inbuild AC option too. She asks if you want to go with Chattriprasad 2.O or want to go with our E rickshaw improved model. Everyone claps for her. The host tells that Sonam’s presentation was best. Saavi’s turn comes next, as the host says please welcome, Mrs. Saavi Nityam Dalmia. Nutan asks Doctor, how is their Damad ji? Doctor asks them to arrange the money fast. Nutan says Saavi will bring money and asks him to start operation. Doctor says they can’t start operation until money is arranged, and says if the operation doesn’t happen on time, then he will slip in coma. Ratna recalls giving the idea to Sonam and says if anything happens to Nityam then she can’t forgive herself. Brijesh asks her to drink some water. He says you didn’t drink water since 7 hours, I have never seen this before, and asks what is bothering you so much. Ratna drinks water and tells that she can’t see Nityam in this condition, she is very feeling. She says I have behaved badly with them since they came here, I troubled them for the rent and deposit and taunted them. She says today I am repenting seeing him in this condition, and says I have done a big mistake. Brijesh says you have realized your mistake, your half sins gets washed with this. Ratna thinks he didn’t know what sin I am talking about.

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Saavi gets a call. Nutan says Doctor said that he doesn’t have much time, and says if the treatment starts late, then Nityam’s condition will worsen. The host asks Saavi to start the presentation. Sonam is tensed and drops her file. Sonam laughs at her. Saavi gets up and picks her file. She says this is our Chattriprasad 2.O, this is not made by engineer or MBA topper. She says this is made by Nityam and the auto brothers. She says even I drive the auto rickshaw, and we know that how we have to face the difficulties due to the speed breakers, and says it doesn’t run on 50 speed in 30 seconds, and tells that it doesn’t run faster to avoid accidents and tells that it doesn’t have AC as the people sit in it to have fresh air. She says it has low maintenance and low servicing charge, and its parts are easily available. The guy laughs at her and says it has no AC and has cheap parts.

Saavi says this is the best for our roads as anyone can afford it, as it has low maintenance and service charge, and tells that it is my husband and my dream and the profit will go to the auto drivers and not to any corporate people. She says we made it with our heart and mind, and our experience and courage will drive it on the road. Everyone claps for her. Sonam thinks do whatever you want, but I will not let you win.

Precap: Sonam’s auto starts, but Saavi’s auto doesn’t start. Sonam says you have lost. The investor says you are disqualified. Nityam gets critical.