Saavi Ki Savaari 31st August 2023 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Nityam calling Saavi and asks Brijesh if he knows where is Saavi? Nutan says Brijesh. Brijesh tells Nityam that he doesn’t know. Nityam asks Nutan if she saw Saavi. Nutan says she made your tiffin and went somewhere. She comes to Brijesh and says why he was telling him. Nityam hears and says you both know where is Saavi? Brijesh says I don’t know. Ratna says we didn’t know where is Saavi? Nityam leaves. Nutan tells Brijesh that they shall leave now. Nityam comes out and sits in Chattriprasad, thinks where are you Saavi? He calls her Saavi comes and sits in Chattriprasad, asking him to come to the lane behind Mahakaal temple. Saavi puts his hand around his neck. Nityam says I am married and if my wife comes to know. Saavi says your wife will not come to know anything. She takes him to the office and removes hand from his eyes. Nityam sees Dalmia world board. She asks him to cut the ribbon. Auto drivers come there. The family members also come there. Ratna asks Ananya to take the video. Sonam watches the video and shouts enough, says she won’t let them be happy. She comes to Raksham and serves food in the plate. She says we have to ruin Saavi and Nityam’s mission. She says we have sworn to ruin them and never let them be happy. Raksham says we have ruined them and reminds her about 1 Rs. coin. He says we shall focus on taking Chauhan and son’s to heights. Bhura comes there and stumbles. Raksham gets up to hold him. Sonam asks until when you will handle your drunkard father. Raksham asks her not to give her opinion and says he will not hear anything against him. Vedika says you value relations, and I am happy about that. She tells that you will be with your father even he is wrong, I am proud of my values given to you. She taunts Sonam and tells Raksham that she wants him to take out the dirt from his heart for Saavi and Nityam. She goes. Raksham asks Bhura not to drink wine. Bhura says I am the owner of the house and office, so I will take tension. He says he has to sit on chairman’s chair and has to take big decision. Raksham says you shall be in your senses first.

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Himesh tells Raksham that Barjatya has called urgent meeting as the investors are backing off due to the losses, and Mr. Saxena refused to give more funds. Raksham says I will come and asks him to keep the meeting. Himesh goes. Raksham asks Sonam not to mix her personal and professional life.

Saavi asks Nityam to look to the front. She makes video call to Vedika and says Nityam is here. Nityam says I am going to make a new start of my life and I want to make a new start today. Saavi takes the call and tells that this workshop is of Triveni aunty, and I settled the rent using the bangle given by you. Vedika says its ok, it was my blessing. Ananya asks what we shall go. Ratna says we shall go with the flow. Vedika sees everything on video call. Pandit ji is also there for the puja and asks them to break the coconut and do shri ganesh. Nityam asks Saavi to do it. Vedika watches it and gets happy. Nityam-Saavi and other couples do the aarti.

Sonam tears Nityam and Saavi’s pics, and puts them in the dustbin. She then burns the pics. Vedika pours water on the dustbin and asks Sonam if something had happened to her. Sonam says I will not die without killing someone. Vedika gets tensed that Sonam might do wrong in jealousy.

Saavi looks at Nityam and asks why you are silent. Nityam says I have done this puja for your enthusiasm and positivity. Saavi says it is for your new start, it is your dream and if we all work harder then we can achieve this dream. Nityam says the time is not the same now. Ratna says Dalmia ji is the owner then, but now he can’t pay the rent of this workshop. Brijesh asks Ratna to close her mouth if she don’t want to motivate him. Nityam says Mami is right and says we don’t have money, then how we will start our project. Saavi says we have, what we need. Nityam asks what and where? Saavi calls the auto drivers and says this is our investment and resources.

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