Saavi Ki Savaari 27th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nityam and Saavi’s grand welcome in hanuman galli


Saavi Ki Savaari 27th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Raksham knocking on the door and asks the guy to answer him. He goes inside and holds him. He says why do you hate me. The guy says no father can hate his son. He says I couldnt raise you, I have completed the punishment for 14 years for the crime, which I didn’t do. Raksham asks for what crime, you have bear the punishment, your son has the right to know. Sonam comes to her room and recalls Nityam’s praising words for Saavi. She throws the things and vents out her anger. Raksham comes there. Sonam hugs him and says thank god, you have come and says I didn’t know what has happened to me. She says my defeat and destruction is because of Saavi. She says I thought that Saavi has ruined everything for her. She says she had made place in Maa’s heart and then she made place in Nityam’s heart. She says I had worked hard, but Saavi got the credit of best business woman. She tells that she has no shame to tell that she hates Saavi, she is the curse of her life. She says you had loved me and that’s why I am venting out my feelings infront of you. She says you might be thinking that I am cheap and disgusted sister, but what to do, I can’t bear my defeat. Raksham gives her tissue papers and asks her to wipe her tears, and tells that today it is the happy moment in hanuman gali, and says it is our duty to be there as Nityam and Saavi will have a grand welcome there. Sonam asks where was you since so many days. He asks her to come to hanuman gali and says he will say.

Brijesh asks Ratna to bring the thaali. Ratna says she has made and goes. Vedika comes there. Nutan and Ratna hold the aarti plate. Nityam and Saavi come standing on Chattriprasad happily. An old auto driver praises Nityam for securing their kids future and helping them with the medical aid. He says you have come as Shiv here. Raksham and Sonam gets irked, as the auto drivers praise Nityam and Saavi, and play the band. Nityam holds Saavi’s hand and tells her that he has done the best done of his life, and he got so much happiness which he couldn’t get even after doing crores rs of deal. He says today he is overwhelmed in the sea of emotions. Vedika asks them to come. Nutan does their aarti. Raksham recalls the old man telling that he has bear the punishment and was in jail for 14 years, for the crime which he had not done. Sonam asks what do you mean? Raksham says he can’t bear people doing Nityam jai jai kaar. Vedika asks Sonam to do the aarti. Sonam takes the aarti. Raksham swears on the aarti that he will ruin the Dalmias. He says Nityam Dalmia’s destruction have started. Sonam is shocked. Nityam and Saavi hug Vedika. Raksham says Nityam’s destruction have started.

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Nityam rides Chattriprasad while Saavi is sitting on the back seat. They are happy. Nazdeekiyan song plays….Saavi pinches her hand. He asks what you are doing, you are pinching yourself and then me, what is going on. He stops Chatriprasad and asks what is going on? Saavi says I was waking up myself from the dream. Nityam asks what? Saavi says this might be dream, as this moonlight, good wealther, you and me in Chattriprasad, it is a pure dream. He says then come to the front seat with me, as you will not break the traffic rule in dream. They sit on the front seat. Nityam asks if it is looking like a dream. She says it is looking like a dream in dream. He holds her hand and asks now? Saavi says dream surely. He is about to kiss her. She pinches herself and says it is a beautiful dream. He says he is trying to make the moment special and she is saying it as a dream. He says if you believe that this is not the dream, so that you don’t forget this moment. He plays the horn, just then Chattriprasad’s balance stumbles.

Raksham brings Sonam to some place. Sonam says what is this place, and says you loved Nityam so much, and asks why you want to destroy him. She says I will not go to this dirty place without knowing why? He asks her to decide if she wants to go there or wants to run away. Vedika asks Tashvi to unveil the frame when she closes her eyes. Tashvi unveils the family’s portrait and they all say it is perfect. Vedika misses Satyam and UD. She asks if something is made for party. They go to kitchen. The old guy calls Raksham. Sonam asks what you are saying, and what this man is saying? Raksham says he has given me life, he is my baba. Sonam asks him to come from here and says how can you forget that he is Dalmia. Raksham tells that his baba has bear the punishment for the crime, which he has not done. He says then Vedika Dalmia adopted me from orphanage to become great, and to compensate for her husband’s crime.

Precap: Nityam and Saavi dance in their bedroom. Udi Udi song plays….