Saavi Ki Savaari 26th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Sonam wears Asur’s costume to expose Dimpy

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Saavi Ki Savaari 26th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Saavi coming to the goddess idol and says now I am not Dalmia family bahu and will become Saavi Goel in few months, but I will not forget my duties and will fulfill it. She says Mr. Dalmia has fought many wars till now since his childhood and tells that she will not let his enemy reach him, who doesn’t know about her. She asks Durga Maa to get inside her and give her strength so that she can protect Mr. Dalmia from Dimpy. She asks her to keep them blessed. Hrishikesh asks Sonam to have sweets. Sonam refuses saying it is having much calories. Hrishikesh asks why you want to go, you don’t have any work. Sonam thinks if my work is done then my life be set. She tastes the sweets and says she will leave now. Hrishikesh asks her to say where is she going, and then take his permission, then he will think if he will allow her to go or not. Sonam says until now, my mother didn’t ask me to take her permission. She says let me go. Hrishikesh says she is your mother, but I am your mama. He asks her to say. Sonam thinks how she will go and expose Dimpy now. He goes inside. Sonam tells Ratna and Nutan that she has to go, she can’t avoid. She goes. Hrishikesh comes there and scolds Nutan.

Nityam talks to UD and tells her that he has talked to her lungs doctor for her treatment and says she will be fine. UD says she misses going to Pandal. Nityam asks her to take care. Kiran comes there and asks Nityam to come to the Pandal, and tells that media has reached there. Nityam asks him to handle the media. Kiran asks him to come for UD’s sake.

Saavi takes out the costumes of Asur. She sees Sonam. Sonam says I know everything, and says I came to know how you are going to make Dimpy confess her crimes with Himesh ji’s help. She says since Dimpy tried to kill my Shivam, I am waiting for the chance to get her punished. She asks her to give her Asur’s clothes and says I will go on your place. Saavi says Dimpy is very dangerous and says she can’t keep her life in anger. She says Himesh ji said that nobody else can be involved in this plan. Sonam says ok, I will make you wear this costume. Saavi says ok. She looks for the red ribbon and says the plan is incomplete without it. She goes out and sees Nityam coming there. Nityam and Saavi look at each other. He goes to Pandit ji and gets tilak on his face. He turns to Saavi and says you are here. The reporters come there and ask them to pose for couple photos. Nityam asks Saavi what is she doing here? Saavi says we are husband and wife for 6 months. Nityam says you came here, to do drama of too good wife. The reporter asks Saavi to hold Nityam’s hand. Saavi holds his hand and says you only said that whatever is done, shall be done with full passion. Vedika and Raksham see the reporters clicking their photos. Raksham asks her not to have any hopes and says this is just showoff. Vedika says she is hopeful.

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Pandit ji asks them to do the puja. Vedika starts the puja followed by Raksham, Nityam and then Saavi…Nutan prays to Goddess to bless her daughter Saavi as she needs the strength, as she is going to fight the Asur Dimpy which is against Dalmia family. She says she is standing infront of Dimpy without any weapon, don’t let her fail. Raksham announces that puja is done, there will be special performance and the Garba dance. Saavi and Nityam are sitting together. The Asur starts dancing. Dimpy thinks where is the Asur, who had told that he will be on stage with red ribbon. Saavi thinks I shall search the red ribbon and shall wear the costume, to come here, else how I will meet Dimpy. She thinks Dimpy is searching me, and thinks to wear the costume. Dimpy sees Himesh looking at her. Himesh comes to her. She tells him something. Himesh goes out. Dimpy thinks now Shekhar shall be found. Saavi gets up and tries to go, says she has to go somewhere urgently. Nityam holds her and says you will not go anywhere. Sonam comes there and starts dancing with the other Asurs Dimpy looks at the red ribbon in her hand. Saavi sees red ribbon Asur and thinks if Himesh ji is in the Asur costume. Sonam goes from there. Dimpy goes behind her. Saavi tells Nityam that she has to go now. She calls Himesh where did you go wearing Asur’s costume and asks why did you change the plan? Himesh says no, I am not in Asur’s costume and tells that Dimpy sent me outside as some guys were teasing Tashvi at the icecream parlour. He sees Tashvi having icecream with her friends. Saavi realizes Sonam is in Asur’s clothes, and thinks her life is in danger.

Precap: Nityam holds Dimpy’s hand and asks how dare you to betray the family who gave you shelter and asks her to get out. Saavi asks Dimpy not to do any conspiracy against the family and asks not to return.