Saavi Ki Savaari 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sonam stops Nityam from expressing his love to Saavi again


Saavi Ki Savaari 24th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Manav asking Saavi if she will not have food. Saavi says she has mehendi on her hands, so can’t have food. Manav asks if you want me to feed you food or want me to pamper you. Saavi says if you have any problem then cancel this marriage. Manav says I will feed you for last time. Saavi says she is not hungry. He says he has plan to make her eat food. Ananya, Ratna and others come there. He says today we will each other have it. Nutan comes there and Manav that she will make her have food. Saavi asks where did you go? Nutan recalls going to Dalmia house. She says she went for engagement work.

Nityam is driving the car and recalls Nutan’s words. He stops the car and comes to the bar. Raksham is already there and asks Nityam if he came to take him home. Nityam says no. Raksham asks why did he come? He asks Nityam if Saavi’s engagement brought you here and asks the bartender to make a drink for Nityam, and says he is my little brother. Nityam says I will take a drink and will leave. Raksham asks Nityam if he is drinking for the first time. Nityam says I had a perfect girl, but I let her go and says you didn’t slap me once to stop me. He says you used to go far from us. Raksham says when my life has slapped me badly, then how can I stop you, with what right? He says he thinks that he is not Dalmia blood and his wife don’t love him. Nityam asks him to tell who is he? Raksham says Nityam Dalmia. Nityam says my wife don’t love me and will be marrying that physics teacher Manav. He says if he is teacher then she would have joined his tution, but who married physics teacher. He cries. Raksham asks him not to cry and hugs him. He says we shall take selfie, and poses for the photo, but video was on. Nityam asks if you have clicked the photo, and says sound haven’t come. Raksham says leave it and asks Nityam if he proposed Saavi. Nityam tells him that he had booked the farm house to propose Saavi, and has made all arrangements to propose her, I had decorated it with her favorite flowers and even arranged the fireflies/jugnu with much difficulty. He says he had even repaired her mangalsutra so that she gets happy, but before Saavi would come, Manav and her alliance news reached me. Raksham feels bad for him. Everything gets recorded.

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Raksham says then also you should have told your feelings to Saavi. He asks him to come. Nityam refuses and says you are very drunk, tomorrow is our divorce and you was asking me to tell my feelings to her. Raksham says tomorrow is her engagement and divorce with you, he says there is a difference, a full night is between night and tomorrow. He says we shall go there and shall tell that Nityam Dalmia loves Saavi Goel, Saavi Dalmia. He takes his phone and says love is in the air.

Sonam gets happy and thinks Saavi will become Saavi Manav jain. She thinks she was not much happy in her own marriage. Raksham calls Sonam and tells that he is going to unite Nityam and Saavi and she will be proud of him. Sonam asks what? She is shocked. Raksham says Saavi is my dear sister and your sister too. He says I can do this for Saavi and nityam. Sonam asks where was you? Nityam says we are in hanuman gali. Sonam thinks to stop Raksham for ruining her plan.

Nutan comes to Saavi. Saavi says she is weaving the last hope and tells that she hopes that Mr. Dalmia comes here and apologize to me, and say that we and my small nose will be always together. Nityam tells that he wants her small nose to be with him always, and says Saavi’s saiyam has won. Saavi tells that she wants him to say that their togetherness is for births. They knock on someone else’s house. She says tomorrow is my engagement and I shall not think all this. Nutan says you are free to feel anything as emotions can’t be wrong. She says tonight, we can feel anything and have any hope, but if in the morning your hope break then you shall become suitable for Manav.

Nityam sees Chattriprasad and keeps his head on it, says Saavi… I have come. Saavi hears Nityam. Sonam sends the guards to stop them and throw them out of the lane. Saavi comes out, but doesn’t see Nityam. She gets sad. Nutan goes inside. Sonam gets a call and gets relieved that she has stopped them.

Precap: Vedika tells Nutan that she is hopeful that Mahadev will do anything. In the courtroom, Saavi asks Nityam, if he had come to her house last night. Nityam looks at her mehendi and says no. They sign the divorce papers and their divorce is done.