Saavi Ki Savaari 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Nityam tries to help Saavi

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Saavi Ki Savaari 24th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Nityam coming to Goel’s house surprising Nutan, Ratna and others. Ananya says Jiju? Nityam says yes, I am here. They cover the fans seeing him. Nityam looks at Saavi. Nutan says you came at this time. Nityam says I came to help, as Saavi’s Papa barsi is there. Ratna asks him to go. Nutan says it is your house, you can come. She asks Saavi why she didn’t tell them that he is coming. Saavi says he does what he wants, and don’t do things asking me. Ananya says no arrangement is done as sofa cover, and the home décor is set before you come. And we used to decide the menu also for you. Nityam says he is not guest. He says he will not go back to Dalmia house, as Saavi is not there and he will help them. Nutan says but. Brijesh asks if they have gone mad, and asks which son in law talk like a son, and asks Nityam to come. Nityam thanks him and says else Maa would have sent me back. Nutan says no and asks him to sit. She says she will make tea for him. Nityam says Saavi will make tea for me, she knows my tea. Ratna asks Saavi to go and make tea of his choice. Saavi goes to the kitchen to make tea. Nityam asks if I can go and keep eye on my tea, as I want strong tea. Ratna asks him to go. Nityam comes to the kitchen and looks at Saavi. He tries to talk to Saavi and asks her to make tea on low flame. Saavi asks why did you come here? Nityam says I came to stay in my sasural, like you used to stay in your sasural. Saavi says I used to stay there and tells that she don’t want to see his face and remember whatever he has done with Chattriprasad. She is about to go. Nityam holds her hand, and tells that he had a misunderstanding and tells that he takes time to trust her. He says he can buy 10 auto rickshaws for her. Saavi says you can’t understand what Chattriprasad means to me and my family. She says tea is over boiled, and asks him to go and buy the tea garden. She goes and cries in her room. Nityam makes tea and says it is for you Saavi Goel.

Sonam comes downstairs and sleeps on Ratna’s lap. Nutan says I am making you get ready since a long time, and you haven’t woken up, says tomorrow is your father’s barsi. Sonam says Saavi has come and will do everything. Brijesh says if we will make Nityam do the work. Sonam asks why didn’t you tell me, I didn’t get freshen up also. Everyone looks at her. Saavi comes there and keeps the holy book in the temple. Nutan says you left Damad ji in kitchen alone. Saavi says he is making tea for only 2 people. Sonam says I will help him. Ratna asks her to sit. Nityam brings tea tray for everyone and says don’t worry, it is having milk and sugar too. Sonam says I will freshen up and come. She goes. Nityam gives tea to everyone. He then comes to Saavi who is sitting on the stairs. He sits with her and asks her to have tea. Saavi refuses. Brijesh asks her to take her cup. Saavi says she is not in a mood. Nityam says I spoiled her habit, she doesn’t drink until I give tea from my hand. He makes her drink tea. Saavi thanks him. Ananya says cute couple. Nityam says what did I say Mama ji? Ratna thinks here DDLJ is going on, and Sonam wants to become Pati, Patni and Woh. Sonam thinks what to wear and get ready. Ratna comes there and asks her to see the reality. She tells her that since Nityam came, he is running behind Saavi, and asks her to think about her own future. She says your future is Shivam Kumar and not Nityam Dalmia, and asks her to think about him, else he might do something wrong. Sonam asks if you are scaring me. Ratna says I am saying truth and asks her to invite Shivam Kumar for her father’s barsi. She says my heart and experience say this.

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Nityam says he has experience to make tea. Nutan and brijesh appreciate Nityam for his tea. Nutan asks Saavi to say something. Nityam says Saavi might like it. Saavi says we will make arrangements of barsi. Nityam says you all don’t need to do anything. Brijesh says guests will come tomorrow. Nityam says they can hire the event management company. He calls Ruchika and her team and says they are best event management company. Ruchika says they are expert in handling the events and says he got platinum package. Nityam asks her to start the work. Ruchika asks where havan kund will be kept. Nutan says inside. Ruchika tells that they will feed food to the crows also after the barsi. She says we take our crows, as we don’t want to wait. Ratna comes there and says my crow came. Ananya tells that Jiju has called the hifive team for the barsi. Ruchika tells that she has pandits for every occasion. She says they will keep two stalls, one is without garlic and onion and other stall of vegan food. She says she wants a photo whose barsi is there tomorrow and says she will get his big photo enlarged with white flowers on it. Her team member bring Saavi’s father’s photo. Ruchika says they will upgrade it. Saavi shouts enough and tells that they don’t need any outsider. She thanks them for coming there. brijesh thanks Ruchika. Ratna says we give bhoj to our pitr and then to Chattriprasad. She asks Saavi where is it? Saavi says Chattriprasad will come.

Precap: Nityam asks them what is there in that auto rickshaw that they all are so emotional about it. Brijesh says Sonam and Saavi’s baba. Nutan says our life started when we bought Chattriprasad. Brijesh says a car came from wrong side and hit the auto, in which their father died. Nityam thinks to get Chattriprasad back at any cost.